Diagnosing and solving latency issues and similar problems in an application often involves working with multiple teams, none of which may have a full view of what’s really going on. The goal of New Relic partner Blue Medora is to further simplify and optimize that process for New Relic users.

How? With a roster of plugins designed to extend New Relic to achieve an even more comprehensive view not just of your application, but of your databases, network devices, load balancers, servers, and more. The goal? “True full-stack visibility within New Relic.”

That was the message from Blue Medora’s Principal Product Manager Cameron Jones in his FutureStack16 San Francisco presentation, “From APM to Full Stack.” Watch Cameron’s full presentation, including a live look at extended New Relic dashboards in action, in the video below:

Watch other great presentations from the event:

You can see all available FutureStack16 San Francisco presentation videos, including the keynotes, at our FutureStack16 San Francisco YouTube playlist.


Photo: © Andrew Weeks Photography

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