Everyone cares how their software is performing—that’s simply a given in 2016. But the best ways to make sense of software performance data aren’t always as clear. And making sure everyone at your company can use that data to optimize your digital business requires a whole other level of visibility and knowledge sharing.

futurestack 16 logoThe Analytics for Everyone track at New Relic’s FutureStack16 conference in San Francisco November 16-17 is designed to help attendees spread the use and value of software analytics to stakeholders throughout their organizations. But while analytics really is for everyone, making that work requires providing everyone with access to a single view of the performance data, along with the shared context they need to make optimal use of it. You also need to provide varying levels of detail to multiple stakeholders who may care about different aspects of software performance.

Different data and trends mean different things for different folks, from business leaders to technical practitioners. For example, an iOS developer might be interested in tracking app launch times while a CTO is focused on month-over-month adoption trends correlated with performance. And that’s just the beginning. In order to truly understand your digital business, and in order to focus on the right things at the right time, you need to connect the dots across the organization and across functional silos—and particularly between developers, operations, IT, and the rest of the business.

Highlights of the Analytics for Everyone track

Over the two days of FutureStack16, the Analytics for Everyone track will feature strategies, techniques, and success stories that can help everyone gain deeper visibility into the business part of your digital business. You’ll get information and advice from high-level New Relic executives, get hands-on training from the experts at New Relic University, and hear directly from customers who are making it work in the real world.

Specifically, New Relic product honchos will take you Inside New Relic’s Product Roadmap to profile what we’ve added to our platform in the last six months, explore the major trends we see in the future of software, and offer a peek at where our platform is headed. Todd Etchieson, VP of product management, Analytics, will talk about improving customer experience; Greg Unrein, VP of performance analytics, will cover the evolution of APM; and Aaron Johnson, VP of product management, Platform, will address the New Relic platform.

Then it’s time for some real-world examples, courtesy of customers like Tableau. In the First, First, First session, Tableau’s Josh Lind, team lead, marketing web development, and Eric Peterson, manager, marketing systems engineering, will delve into some of the “firsts” development teams need to consider. Starting with Mobile First and progressing through Cloud First and Offline First, Eric and Josh will even address what it means to be “Data First.”

futurestack speakers

Analytics for Everyone track speakers will include [from left]: New Relic’s Todd Etchieson, Greg Unrein, Aaron Johnson; and Tableau’s Josh Lind and Eric Peterson.

And don’t miss Optum’s John Garner explaining How Analytics Kept Us Out of the War Room. It can cost Optum tens of thousands of dollars to set up a war room to deal with peak loads during open enrollment periods, but by using data—and New Relic—the healthcare infrastructure company can avoid those expenses by anticipating issues before they blow up.

We’ll even show off some awesome dashboards to aspire to in a fun session we’re calling Celebrity Dashboards—don’t miss it!

Finally, once you’ve heard the theory and seen the examples, you’ll get the opportunity to try it yourself in laptop-open training sessions from New Relic University,

All this and much more make the Analytics for Everyone track indispensable for organizations looking to use software data to maximize their digital business.

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Along with the three other FutureStack16 tracks (New Relic 101, Developing Breakthrough Customer Experiences, and Operating Dynamic Infrastructure) Analytics for Everyone is designed to give FutureStack16 attendees a simple way to focus on the topics, sessions, and speakers that most resonate with their needs and interests. Put them all together, and FutureStack16 is destined to make November 16 and 17 two of the most valuable and exciting days of the year for anyone who cares about creating quality software and ensuring they deliver delightful digital customer experiences.

Learn more about the Analytics for Everyone track and the rest of FutureStack at SanFrancisco.FutureStack.io. Register here before we sell out! And follow FutureStack on Twitter @NewRelic #FS16SF.

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Note: Event dates, participants, and topics are subject to change without notice.

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