FutureStack14 Video: DevOps Helps Trulia Chase Speed and Scale

What are the most important metrics for an online business? There are lots of contenders, but for fast-growing real-estate site Trulia, two of the biggest ones are speed and scale.

In their presentation at New Relic’s FutureStack14 tech and user conference this fall, Chris Sessions, Trulia’s director of ops, and Louis Bennett, the company’s director of engineering, shared insights on how they leverage organizational culture—and New Relic—to maximize those metrics even as the company has grown from 17 engineers in one building in 2007 to  more than 200 engineers on 5 floors in 3 buildings in 2 cities today.

Just as important, they lay out how you can do something similar at your company.

The key, according to Louis and Chris, is to foster a generative corporate culture. That means being performance oriented and high-cooperation. In other words instead of shooting the messenger (or ignoring them), the company does its best to train them on how to deliver both good and bad news. Instead of scapegoating or punishing failure, generative corporate cultures look into problems to figure out how to solve them.

Making that happen at Trulia, said Louis and Chris, involves a DevOps approach, with weekly release meetings bringing together dev, ops and QA, regular tech learning sessions where best idea (not the most dominant team) wins, along with lunch roulettes, group outings, and happy hours. And once per quarter Trulia holds Innovation Weeks where developers are free to work on whatever most interests them.

Finally, it also means relying on data—including from tools like New Relic—to foster conversation around how to make the site faster, create productive post mortems, and inform regular performance and scalability hackathons.

Find out more by watching the video.

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