FutureStack14 Video: Modern Enterprise Technology—From DevOps to Node.Js

Modern matters. Before Thanksgiving, we rolled out the video of Docker founder Solomon Hykes’ FutureStack14 presentation on the future of modern software. But while containers are important, they’re far from the only element of the future of technology.

That’s where Mitchell Hashimoto’s talk on Taming the Modern Data Center and TJ Fontaine presentation on Node.js: Systems Thinking for Software—and Life come in.

Let’s look at the “Data Center” first. Mitchell Hashimoto, founder and CEO of HashiCorp, is the developer of DevOps tools like Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, and Terraform—“all focused on improving the experience of managing a datacenter.” In terms of data center management, the rise of virtualization and containerization, not to mention networking and service proliferation, Mitchell warned, made “things a lot more complicated—and a lot worse.”

When Mitchell talks about the modern data center, he’s going way beyond just physical data centers to include various choices of cloud, paradigms, services, and operating systems all seeking a common goal: to “efficiently deliver and maintain applications.”

TJ Fontaine, meanwhile, is a “recovering systems administrator” and Node.js project lead at Joyent, which delivers container Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). TJ has been using Node since the 0.4 days and specializes in debugging core issues. TJ shares his key learnings from leading the open source software project that has become part of the fabric of the Internet of Things and mobile. TJ says Node.js is becoming “incredibly popular,” with huge growth in the enterprise and a large and vibrant ecosystem. The next step, he says, is to boost “reliability and predictability” in Node.js for that wider audience:

Watch more FutureStack14 videos:


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