FutureStack14 Video: It’s All About the Data

FutureStack14, our second annual user and tech conference last month in San Francisco, focused on the increasingly important intersection of software and data. And we’d already published video on FS14 presentations on why bad software is so frustrating and critical lessons for software startups.

But nothing is more fundamental than data, so we’re using this opportunity to highlight video of four presentations focused on the importance of data and software analytics to growing your business.

First, JD Maturen, analytics lead at GitHub, explains how the growing company gauges how its product is being used by millions of monthly users with a directed combination of ongoing qualitative and quantitative research:

Next, Elena Grewal, a data scientist at Airbnb, discusses how the Airbnb data science team uses experimentation to inform their business and product decisions. Airbnb conducts experiments in non-traditional settings, works to eliminate bias and tell the difference between correlation and causation, and uses the results to improve decision making across the company:

Daniel Schauenberg, infrastructure toolsmith at Etsy, talked about his company’s passion for graphing and monitoring just about everything including network changes, systems or application level performance, and how bad the last week of on-call rotation went. With all that, however, there’s an ongoing risk of alert fatigue… so Etsy also continuously monitors its monitoring system:

Finally, Strava co-founder and CTO Mark Shaw shared how data serendipitously helped his company enter a brand new business: giving city planners data and tools to improve their cycling and running infrastructure:

Stay tuned for even more FutureStack14 videos in the coming days and weeks!


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