FutureStack14 Video: The Secrets of AWS Success

Cloud computing was everywhere at FutureStack14. Our second annual tech and user conference was all about modern software and data changing the way businesses operate, with increasingly more of this is happening in the cloud. And by far one of the biggest cloud computing vendors is Amazon Web Services.

But according to Dylan Tweney, editor in chief of VentureBeat and moderator of the FS14 panel on “The Secrets to Success with AWS: Tales from the Real World,” many enterprises are only now adopting and getting fully on board with allowing their cherished hardware, software, and data to live outside their own four walls.

To kick off the half-hour session, Dylan asked panelist Stephen Orban, head of enterprise strategy at Amazon Web Services (and formerly a big AWS user at Dow Jones), what’s changed in the perceptions of cloud computing in the enterprise?

According to Orban, at Dow Jones the cloud was seen as “a way to transform the way we do business and deliver applications and services to our customers.”

Dow Jones first tried AWS with a small R&D effort, and had an “aha” moment “when we created the VPC so that we could have our infrastructure married with AWS.” When managing your own infrastructure, he said, that kind of effort could take days or weeks, but “we did it in an hour” and had to ask, “Wait, are we done?” Eventually, that became the start of “a domino effect of aha moments,” Orban said.

Pushing deeper into enterprise cloud usage, Dylan asked panelist Wilken Rivera, software engineer at Condé Nast Entertainment, about the differences in mindset between starting new stuff in the cloud versus migrating existing jobs. “The first thing you realize,” Rivera said, “is that what you already have up and running will not necessarily work as it is on AWS.”

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The entire discussion is required viewing for anyone interested in how to make the most of cloud computing in the enterprise. For more on AWS, check out these recent posts:


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