5 Reasons Developers and Data Nerds Should Attend FutureStack14

FutureStack14, New Relic’s second annual user and technology conference is the event for software developers and data nerds. On October 8th and 9th, more than a thousand savvy technologists will gather to share big-picture vision and hands-on information on how they’re pushing the limits of data and software to do beautiful, exciting, and important new things.

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At FutureStack14 you can:

  • Learn techniques and tools to speed your development cycle.
  • Discover DevOps best practices and tips to keep your project on schedule.
  • Understand user behavior and how to use data to fine-tune your code.
  • Get a bead on recognizing business needs so thatyou can work more effectively with non-technical business leaders and groups.
  • Network with engineers and fellow techies from cutting-edge companies in a variety of fun venues.

Fast tracks

On the agenda for the Keynote & Technology Track are topics like DevOps, software development, and analytics with speakers from companies like GitHub, Etsy, Airbnb, Twitter, and more.

The New Relic Track will give you deep dives into New Relic products, as well as the chance to get up close and personal with top New Relic engineers and customers. Have a question about how to use New Relic products? Bring it on.

And the cool new Hallway Track is an “unconference” built on attendee-curated presentations on the topics that you choose. Everyone who registers will get a chance to vote on which proposed Hallway Track talks make the cut.

Nerd out

Hacker Lounge FS14

The FutureStack14 agenda is only part of what FutureStack14 offers to developers and technologists. Check out our Hacker Lounge and grab a cup of delicious Four Barrel coffee while you swap tips with other experts. And don’t miss the amazingly creative band OK Go headlining our exciting kick-off party at San Francisco’s iconic Warfield Theater!

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