Announcing New Relic Synthetics—an Automated Source of Performance Data

Today we’re happy to announce the newest member of the New Relic family: New Relic Synthetics.

Ever since New Relic was founded back in 2007, it’s been our goal to provide in-depth analytics about your software’s performance. We started with Ruby performance and over the years we’ve continued to enhance our backend monitoring capabilities (New Relic APM and New Relic Servers) and expanded our visibility in to the frontend (New Relic Browser and New Relic Mobile). Along the way we learned from our customers that successful, growing online businesses stand upon three operational pillars:

  1. Performance
  2. Availability
  3. Functionality

While each one of our products helps with every one of these pillars, we recognized that by only passively monitoring the activity of real users we couldn’t give our customers the complete picture they were looking for. For example, while New Relic APM, Browser, and Mobile can each report on backend exceptions, JavaScript errors, and crashes, respectively, none of them could tell you with certainty that your most critical business transactions are successfully able to be run by your customers. Enter New Relic Synthetics.


To create New Relic Synthetics, we took a fresh look at the problem and created a new solution that generated synthetic traffic, rather than passive real user data, against your website. This can give you added confidence that your business is operating smoothly and help prevent surprises by outages, bugs, or bad deployments for your actual customers.

The result is a beautiful, brand new product that lets you run scripted business transactions at regular intervals from multiple locations around the world. We’ve embraced open standards, like Selenium, to make it even easier to quickly get started and automate your tests. And we’ve taken the time to embed it deeply into our product suite, with rich integration with New Relic Insights, Browser, and APM.

Look for New Relic Synthetics to hit general availability later this year. We will have lots more details to share as we get closer to the release. In the meanwhile, check out the New Relic Synthetics page on our website, sign up to be notified of general availability,  read the Synthetics documentation, and watch the short video below:'

Patrick Lightbody is VP of product management at New Relic. Now based in Portland, Oregon, Patrick has started two companies in the SaaS monitoring space. View posts by .

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