New Products, New Features Highlight New Relic’s FutureStack14 Conference [Video]

Today at FutureStack14, our second annual user and tech conference, we announced four major enhancements to our software analytics product portfolio—and a sneak peek into what’s coming next with Killer Data Apps! Each of these new capabilities helps you deliver a better experience to your customers, across all types of companies.

  • If you’re developing front-end JavaScript code—check out New Relic Browser.
  • Making mobile apps? Check out what new with New Relic Mobile.
  • Does your job include making business-critical decisions that impact your users? Give the latest analyses capabilities in New Relic Insights a spin.
  • Want to fix app problems before your users find them? Keep an eye out for New Relic Synthetics—it’s coming soon!

As I unveil all the new goodness, it’s important to remember that we do all of this for you—our amazing customers—so that you can create amazing software for your customers. Just as important, we couldn’t do what we do without you and all the amazing feedback you provide us every single day. So a big shout out to you, the 300,000 New Relic users who analyze more than 200 billion data points from more than 3 million applications. I know your customers, more than a billion of whom have used your mobile apps with the New Relic Mobile SDK installed, thank you, too!

Here’s a quick roundup of what we announced. Click through to learn more about any one of these products.

New Relic Browser, a new stand-alone product, gives front-end developers code-level visibility into browser-based JavaScript applications, providing for the first time performance and error diagnostics throughout the entire end user experience, even after the page loads.

New Relic Insights welcomes new features geared for business users around cohorts and funnels, providing analysis and new visualizations for segmentation of customer behavior.

New Relic Mobile adds crash reporting capabilities that can help you quickly resolve bugs that cause mobile apps to crash on users’ devices. With the addition of crash reporting, New Relic Mobile is an end-to-end mobile solution providing code-level visibility from the mobile device—including crashes and insight into user.

New Relic Synthetics (Coming Soon)

New Relic will deliver a new automated testing solution that can help identify and prevent performance problems before they happen by simulating real-user experiences of companies’ applications.

Killer Data Apps (Coming Soon)

Customers will soon be able to build killer data apps right on top of the New Relic Software Analytics data cloud. With our flexible data cloud and data app platform, you’ll be able to create custom data apps for others in your organization.

To learn more about any of these new products and features, click through to the individual product blog posts above or read the press release.

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