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On the main stage of our FutureStack14 tech and user conference today, attendees will see me give a sneak peek at an exciting new chapter in New Relic’s Software Analytics story—our vision for something called Data Apps. This represents another step forward in New Relic’s mission to make software analytics data accessible to everyone within your organization—from developers to IT operations and beyond—to help you understand and improve customer experience and drive the digital transformation in your business. With Data Apps and a slew of additional updates to our software analytics suite we’re also introducing today, New Relic is an integrated software analytics solution for data-driven businesses.


Making Software Analytics customizable

At the heart of this vision is making our Software Analytics solution more customizable by you, our customers. As part of the announcements at FutureStack14, we’re announcing that we will be opening up our Software Analytics platform so that you can build your own killer data apps. Your apps will live on the New Relic Data App Platform, which leverages our data cloud and is capable of collecting, storing, and analyzing billions of data points in real-time.


What kind of apps will you be able to create? Well, that’s a question only you (and your imagination) can fully answer. New Relic can collect a variety of data, whether it’s how fast your page loads or how many users clicked through your funnel. And once you have your software analytics data streaming into our data cloud, you’ll want people across your organization, even your customers, to have a killer data app just for them. Life is always better when we are all on the same page because we’re leveraging the same real-time data, right?

Imagine how happy your sales team will be when you provide them with a real-time feed detailing exactly how engaged your prospects are with your products. They’ll finally be able to focus their time on the prospects that are most interested in buying today. How about getting your marketing team all the real-time analytics they need for monitoring the funnel. I’m quite certain your executive team would like a Data App they can call their own, too!

The more data the better

The more data you have the better—and the more—apps you can build. Soon, you will see us start to connect to more and more third-party data sources, making them available in our software analytics data cloud. With these data sources automatically available to you, you’ll be able to spin up apps with the right data, for the right user, at the right time.

With New Relic’s open software analytics data cloud, you’ll be able to build custom “killer” apps to serve up fresh and critical data to anyone in your organization.

Previously, New Relic has worked hard to put data in the hands of developers and IT operations people. With Data Apps, we want to share that data with everyone—we want everyone to be a data nerd.

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