Game developers, learn how to get free RPM Bronze via Joyent Game Studios

Joyent and New RelicCasual and social game developers and publishers take note! Joyent is making it easier than ever for game developers to design, test, deploy and monitor games on Joyent’s proven hosting platform. Today Joyent announced Game Studios, a game developer initiative created for development teams and individuals who are looking for a robust environment for creating and testing leading-edge games. Even better, when you take part in Game Studios you can become eligible for free RPM Bronze. As part of Game Studio, when you take advantage of the Testing Solution or the Publishing Solution, you are automatically eligible for up to 3 hosts-worth of RPM Bronze at no charge. Additionally, you can upgrade to RPM Silver and Gold at preferential prices. Just ask your Joyent representative for details.

Lastly, don’t miss our live webcast tomorrow hosted by Joyent, “Finding and Fixing Dreaded Web App Performance Issues.”

Wednesday, December 8
10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

Building web apps has never been easier. Building fast and scalable applications remains difficult without the right tools. Joyent SmartMachines together with New Relic RPM can make your applications faster and your customers happier. Join Brian Doll to hear how New Relic RPM can help you detect and fix the top 5 web app performance issues.

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