Free Production Performance Management for Rails Apps

RPM Lite is FreeIntroducing RPM Lite – for Free!

You want a zippy Rails application. Your customers want a zippy application. And, if – as our friends at 37signals say – “speed is a feature”, shouldn’t you build it into your app from the very beginning? We think so. That’s why we’re now bringing you RPM Lite for free.

Why are we giving RPM Lite away? Many of you are still growing your apps and don’t have a huge budget. But you DO want to troubleshoot in production. We heard you loud and clear.

Peek Inside RPM Lite:

  • Professional-grade, real-time performance analysis tools with a Dashboard showing you performance and availability for all your applications
  • Weekly email reports.
  • iPhone® access.
  • Group your servers and hosts by application.
  • No limit to the number of hosts or applications you can monitor.
  • Platform support for Litespeed, Passenger (mod_rails), JRuby/Glassfish, Mongrel, and Thin

Click here to sign up for RPM Lite today – free. (No Social Security number necessary!)'

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