Free PHP app performance monitoring for PHP Fog customers. We <3 @phpfog!

As we reported in January, every single PHP Fog customer automatically gets our New Relic Bronze offering – for free. You pay Zilch, Nada. Nothing.  That’s $75 a month per server of value that PHP Fog is giving you as a result of our integrated partnership. If you have multiple servers running at PHP Fog – that can end up meaning thousands per year in savings.  Lucas Carlson, CEO of PHP Fog is a smart man – you should thank him for providing such great value to his thousands of PHP customers!

What you may not know is this: If you are a PHP Fog customer, you already have a New Relic account setup. To see your app’s performance in a whole new way, go to your New Relic account today.  Here’s how:

1. Go here:

2. Enter the email address you use with your PHP Fog account and your PHP Fog password

3. That’s it – you’re logged in and reviewing your application’s performance!

The PHP Fog team has support available to help as well – you can visit them here

As always, if you have more questions, visit us at to open a new ticket!

PS – if you are not yet a PHP Fog customer but you are a PHP developer – what are you waiting for? PaaS is the future!   Sign up today. Free New Relic Bronze service is just one reason why using PHP Fog is a great idea for your next project.

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