Whoa! If you’re deploying apps on the Rackspace Cloud, you’re eligible for free New Relic Bronze!

New Relic and RackspaceRackspace has been a major force in the web hosting space for quite a while. From the beginning, their name has been synonymous with great service, and now they’re bringing that same customer-centric approach to the Rackspace Cloud. Even better, New Relic and Rackspace have partnered to make New Relic Bronze available to all Rackspace Cloud customers free of charge!

Both New Relic and Rackspace share a customer-first corporate philosophy and this partnership is a natural fit for our complementary solutions.  As a customer advocate, Rackspace is always looking for ways to help their customers be more successful. By offering New Relic Bronze as a free service, they are making it easier than ever before for customers to identify and resolve potential app issues before they affect end users.

Nishan Sivathasan, director of business development at Rackspace today said “Rackspace is known for it’s emphasis on providing excellent service, and working with New Relic is a perfect illustration of our commitment to customer success. New Relic’s ability to monitor and troubleshoot the performance of live web applications as they are running in production can significantly enhance the user experience on the Rackspace Cloud by providing a new layer of visibility and control for application development and deployment teams.”

Rackspace Cloud customers, get started today! And register for our live webcast on 3/3

Rackspace customers can get started with free New Relic Bronze right away. Sign up and implementation takes about 2 minutes. Want to learn more about using New Relic for apps on the Rackspace Cloud? Join our live webcast on March 3, at 2 pm CT/12 pm PT. During the session Brian Doll, application performance engineer at New Relic, will offer an overview of the New Relic tool’s capabilities and provide examples of real-world use cases. Register here.


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