The way we watch TV is changing. Streaming, cord-cutting, binge-watching, live tweeting—software and broadcasting are closely entwined in today’s world, and becoming more so all the time.

For France’s national public television broadcaster, these changes represent an exciting challenge. France Télévisions S.A. operates the country’s most popular TV channels (including France 2, France Ô, and Franceinfo), which as many as half of all French residents tune into daily. It is also the country’s top media brand, enjoying 18 million monthly unique visitors across PC, mobile, and tablet devices.

france televisions logoAnd those visitors watch a lot of videos—more than 4.1 billion in 2016. Tasked with meeting this soaring demand for online content is the company’s digital division: France Télévisions Numérique, a team that knows the value of effective tools.

Prioritizing performance

As Guillaume Postaire, deputy chief technology officer responsible for infrastructure and architecture, recalls, finding a first-rate application performance management (APM) tool was a top priority: “We needed a way to truly understand performance and gain end-to-end visibility into our infrastructure.”

In the end, the search came down to two options. “We tested New Relic against another tool,” says Nassim Ait Boufrad, team leader in the infrastructure group at France Télévisions Numérique. “New Relic delivered the best results.”

Having begun with New Relic APM, New Relic Mobile, and New Relic Synthetics, France Télévisions now relies on the entire New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform, including New Relic Insights and New Relic Infrastructure.

DevOps dedication

So, how do all these tools help? Guillaume offers a great example: “When we recently migrated our database infrastructure, it experienced a major performance degradation,” he says. “With New Relic, it was easy to identify the source of the problem, which turned out to be a proxy issue. We were then able to fix the problem promptly.”

New Relic has also enabled France Télévisions Numérique to fully embrace a DevOps approach, boosting agility in the process. “Every day, each team has a short stand-up meeting dedicated to DevOps execution,” Nassim explains. “At every sprint … we use New Relic to demonstrate the performance and quality of the software.”

Digital savvy, digital success

The next phase in the company’s digital transformation is a move toward continuous deployment. To ship new features and products in this way requires full confidence in your ability to proactively and rapidly tackle problems.

“You can’t do continuous deployment without a quality tool like New Relic to detect if something goes wrong,” says Guillaume. “New Relic is one of the most important tools we have because it allows us to quickly identify bugs and resolve them.”

TV channels as we know them now may soon be a thing of the past. But in the era of smart TVs and even smarter media consumers, smart broadcasters like France Télévisions know that digital savvy means digital success.

To get the story behind the headlines, tune in to the full case study: France Télévisions Keeps Its Digital Audience Happy With Help From New Relic.


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