Four Reasons Why New Relic & Portland Rock

Welcome to Portland

It’s no secret that New Relic is hiring. All you have to do is head over to our Jobs page and you can see just how many positions we’re looking to fill. (Designers, engineers and analysts, oh my!) We’re growing quickly and want / need smart, forward-thinking people to join us. However, this post is about more than that. Let me explain.

You may know that New Relic has offices in three cities: San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. Now when people talk about Portland, they usually mention the rain, the endless gray skies, the Vitamin D deficiency … you get the idea. But personally, I think Portland is the best.

I can tell you from experience that the City of Roses is a great place to work and live. A little while ago, after living in Portland for more than a decade, I decided to give California a try. After only a year away, I knew I had to come back. Don’t get me wrong. California is great — they have that sun thing and I had a lot of fun there. But my heart belongs to Portland. (My apologies to Mr. Bennett.)

Still not convinced? Here are some of the great things that make New Relic’s Portland office the place to be.

The Arts Scene
I’m a fiction writer and I was feeling pretty lost without the writing community I’ve worked my way into over the years. In Portland, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t some kind of artist. Here at New Relic PDX, music seems to be the common denominator. We’ve got musicians, singers and DJS, and we run a pretty amazing channel. There’s even talk of getting a New Relic band together for the upcoming holiday party.

PDX food cartsThe Food
Oh the food … Beast, Le Pigeon and Pok Pok are just a few of my favorite restaurants. But the food carts are amazing, too. Just blocks away from our offices are two food cart pods. Each day the whole office clears out at noon and heads to the carts. We’re not talking about your standard fare of hot dogs and pretzels. Oh, no. We’re talking Thai, Ethiopian, Indonesian, Cajun and just about anything else you could want. We all make a beeline to our favorites and then head back to the office to eat together. It’s like a daily family dinner, but instead of talking about golf, Uncle Jim is talking about the Node.js beta.

The Coffee
Portland’s grey skies demand strong coffee. And we’ve got it in droves. Stella, Fresh Pot and Public Domain are within a few short block of the office. I didn’t even drink coffee before I started working here. But now I’m hooked. My desk is right by the front door and every few hours a big herd of New Relicans gets up and heads out for an office wide coffee break.

The Commute
One of the best things about being back in Portland is my commute. I’m no longer stuck in traffic for 50 minutes or more. It’s so easy to get here — no matter where you coming from or whether by bus, bike, train or car (although bike seems to be the most popular). During the recent Bike Commute Challenge, we could hardly get through the front door for all the bikes stacked up in the entryway.

Maybe you already live in Portland. If so, you already know how great this city is and just need a great job to match. Or maybe you’re just thinking about moving here. Either way, we think Portland is New Relic’s secret recruiting tool. Come check us out.'

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