flightstats logoEvery day, FlightStats provides real-time flight information for some 90,000 global flights to a variety of customers, including airlines and airports, travel agencies, developers, and consumers. “We have data on more than 90% of the flights in the world,” says FlightStats CTO Chad Berkley. “We process millions and millions of flight history updates every day that let travelers fly smarter.”

For more information on how FlightStats relies on New Relic, watch the video below.

With the goal of building the highest quality software and services in the shortest amount of time, “We iterate often, use continuous deployment and continuous integration,” explains Berkley. “But we’re constantly seeking ways to shorten our time to market even more.”

A Platform play

That’s why FlightStats turned to the New Relic platform, including New Relic APM, New Relic Browser, New Relic Insights, New Relic Mobile, New Relic Plugins, New Relic Servers, and New Relic Synthetics.

tod hutchinson

Tod Hutchinson, CEO and co-founder of FlightStats

The New Relic platform covers practically the entire FlightStats technology stack, and 95% of the company’s products. It’s used in engineering, operations, business, and customer support. “The New Relic Platform helps us understand and have visibility into all of the data sources that we ingest,” says CEO and co-founder Tod Hutchinson. “At the same time, it’s giving us good insight into our user base.”

The New Relic platform helps FlightStats understand what is potentially breaking in the environment more quickly, sometimes even before it happens, and thus respond faster to issues that could impact the customer experience. Going further, Berkley says the ability to drill down into data with New Relic Insights helps prioritize tasks based on what’s most likely to affect customers, business relationships, and revenue.

New Relic Insights gives FlightStats greater visibility into exactly how its data is being propagated and how it affects the customer experience. The company’s software engineers rely on New Relic Insights to understand the needs of both professional and casual users. That helps the company make better decisions about which features to focus on first.

A cross-company set of tools

As a core part of FlightStats’ workflow, “We have screens running New Relic all over our office, with dashboards to give people quick, heads-up data about what is going on at any given moment,” adds Berkley. “Plus, we are literally creating more New Relic Insight dashboards on a daily basis.”

Just as important, the New Relic Platform provides a unified tool to support FlightStats’ commitment to a DevOps approach. New Relic gives the company a common language across developers, IT, marketing, sales, and management. Berkley sums up the impact this way: “If I were to start my own company tomorrow, the first thing I would do is to monitor all of my applications with New Relic. I would start from the ground up using the metrics and data from the New Relic Platform to inform decisions that would really affect the business.”

To see how New Relic helps FlightStats improve the travel experience of millions of travelers across the globe, watch the video below:


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