Flexiant Concerto Offers Integration with New Relic APM

Guest author Simon Freedman is product and partner marketing manager at Flexiant

Flexiant Concerto is the simple, hosted solution to multicloud workload management and portability designed to open the door to embracing cloud giants while serving the next-generation application market. Our platform enables you to build, configure, and deploy cloud-optimized, next-generation application stacks more quickly and easily, with required dependencies, with a few clicks of a button. You can then consistently replicate this application stack across multiple public or private clouds—avoiding the enormous complexity that this may otherwise entail when working with different providers’ APIs.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve integrated Flexiant Concerto with New Relic APM to provide in-depth application performance reporting as well as application-aware auto scaling on your cloud infrastructure. We appreciate New Relic’s strong history in helping organizations such as Ocado, Zendesk, Groupon, and Trulia build, deploy, and maintain great Web software.

Flexiant screenshot

New Relic integration provides granular application performance monitoring via the Flexiant Concerto user interface. Moreover, we use New Relic’s Apdex scoring to provide application aware auto scaling. This helps ensure that you always have the server resources you need to cope with demand while never paying for more than you need to—all directly based on the quality of the user experience.

New servers will automatically be spun up whenever traffic load causes an application’s performance to degrade, and spun down when they are no longer needed. This helps ensure that you always have enough resources available to cope with demand while also keeping costs to a minimum.

Feedback from New Relic’s debut user group in London late last year helped reiterate how this integration directly addresses the requirements and concerns facing the DevOps community wanting to leverage multiple-cloud environments. The combination of Flexiant Concerto and New Relic APM can help you benefit from the flexibility and scalability of multicloud, next-generation applications.

For more information on how Flexiant Concerto and New Relic work together, watch the short video for Use Case 4: Application Aware Auto Scaling on the Concerto Use Cases page.

Guest author Simon Freedman is product and partner marketing manager for Flexiant, a leading global provider of cloud management and orchestration software. View posts by .

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