Even more Rails App developers join New Relic Affiliate Program

When we launched the New Relic Affiliate program just before Thanksgiving last year we were hopeful that the Rails community would show interest in providing New Relic RPM to their customers. Our goal at the time was to enlist a few of the top Rails Application Development shops and individual consultants, provide them with the tools they need, and see what happens.

Well, not only did we exceed our expectations with the 9 partners in our initial launch, we’ve now doubled the size of the program. These are some of the top Rails Application developers and consultants in our industry, and they’ve chosen to provide their customers with the number one Rails Application Performance Management tool, New Relic RPM.

What’s more, the referrals are coming in and the referral payments are headed to our affiliates!

We are pleased today to welcome the following companies and individuals as New Relic Affiliates (you can read the official release HERE):

Elevated Rails
Jackson Laycock
Pivotal Labs
Progressive Data Solutions

and individuals, Peter Booth and Sean Hussey

If you are interested in joining the New Relic Affiliate program, hop on the rocket-sled ride to fame and fortune here.


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