When your company operates at enterprise scale, the stakes can be very high. Not only do enterprise technology teams often have to oversee the performance of many applications running in complex legacy environments, the sheer size of the enterprise often makes it difficult to be agile and move quickly. Enterprise-level companies must also manage a higher volume of customers, all of whom expect a flawless digital experience.

With that kind of performance pressure, you need all the help you can get—especially when your enterprise-scale “digital moment of truth” arrives and your customers are counting on you. As New Relic Chief Architect Nic Benders explained recently at FutureStack: New York, that moment can take the form of a crisis, a challenge, or even an epiphany.

According to Nic, when a business crisis strikes (for example, when your site goes down), it’s all about finding and fixing the problem, fast. A challenge, however, may be something you see coming and have time to prepare for—time to configure, to instrument, to customize. A common challenge for many large businesses at this time of year is successfully navigating Black Friday and Cyber Monday, days when your e-commerce site must be ready for huge spikes in traffic that you know are coming.

An epiphany, Nick explained, is that moment when “you understand something you didn’t understand before, and you are able to transform your business, your technology, or your product by looking at things in a new way.”

Watch Nic Benders’ full FutureStack presentation below:

In addition to Nic’s presentation, FutureStack: New York also featured several New Relic enterprise customers—including Nationwide, DraftKings, and Wix—sharing stories of how they navigate their own unique crises, challenges, and epiphanies and how they approach their own particular digital moments of truth.

Ensuring high performance at Nationwide

In their talk titled Scaling Enterprise DevOps with New Relic: Nationwide’s Modernization Journey, Nationwide Insurance Senior Consultant of IT Development Richard Petersen and Technical Lead of Application Monitoring Brian Peck told the audience that Nationwide employs more than 200 agile development teams, completing some 800 build projects annually. Prior to adopting New Relic APM, those teams depended on 2,500 synthetic scripts for testing, some of which were running as frequently as every two minutes.

Nationwide logo

Because Nationwide understood that APM was foundational to its DevOps transformation, the company put a great deal of energy into choosing the best solution. According to Richard, representatives from Nationwide’s many different development teams came together to develop a list of 160 requirements and 40 use cases. This process led them to trial the New Relic platform, which quickly proved indispensable.

“New Relic is helping us to become a high performer by providing the telemetry and alerting needed to reduce our mean time to recover and change failure rates,” said Richard. “Our goal is to monitor everything so we can detect problems early in the development life cycle and find problems before they cost us time and money.”

Nationwide plans to ramp up its use of New Relic throughout the organization, offering twice-monthly training sessions to newly converted teams. “We’ll be making APM and New Relic a standard service across the board,” said Brian. “If you’re an application, you will be monitored.”

Watch the full Nationwide Insurance presentation below:

Helping DraftKings spike the ball

Since launching in 2012, DraftKings has experienced phenomenal success, fast. In fact, by 2015 it was the highest grossing daily fantasy sports platform in the world. As Director of Engineering for UX Mark DiAntonio explained in his talk Launching with Confidence at Scale, customers love DraftKings so much that they use the app almost constantly: “We literally have a cycle that goes all day.”

DraftKings logoMonitoring with New Relic enables Mark and his colleagues to minimize the interruptions and issues experienced by those avid sports fans. “New Relic helps us drive a common understanding of the metrics that we need to align, execute, and improve our products,” he said.

That’s never more important than on the NFL’s annual September kickoff weekend, when traffic jumps dramatically. The same goes for what Mark called “Gronk spikes”: “Every time there’s a touchdown pass to somebody like Gronkowski, a million people pick up their phone. You see traffic just shoot through the roof.”

Of particular value to DraftKings is New Relic’s flexible functionality in a polyglot environment that features C#, Java, Redux, and Swift. “New Relic gives us a set of common solutions that we can use across our entire code base, which is extremely important”—especially when Gronk grabs yet another game-winning touchdown pass.

Watch the full DraftKings presentation below:

Keeping Wix stunning at scale

Website builder Wix wants to deliver “a stunning, simple, bug-less product”—no small task when you have 110 million users in 190 countries submitting 4,000 tickets per day, not to mention 1,800 employees in locations around the globe using multiple products and (in 2016) making 28,000 deployments annually.

wix logoSo how does a company operating at this kind of enterprise scale (and pace) maintain the highest standards of product performance? In his FutureStack talk, The Wix Way: Mastering Scale and Complexity to Deliver a Stunning, Simple, Bug-less Product, Avi Konstantini of Wix’s R&D Operations Team explained that when the company transitioned from waterfall to continuous delivery in 2010, it knew that automation QA and APM would be essential for scalability.

Before adopting the New Relic platform, Avi said, “it took us an average of eight hours to resolve incidents in production.” Now, that average stands at just 50 minutes.

Operating at scale carries risks, Avi stressed. A recent performance issue, for example, generated just 20 complaints. But when Avi and his team investigated the problem, they discovered that it had actually affected more than 11,000 users and cost Wix an estimated $49,500 in lost conversions.

When even minor problems can have major repercussions—a given at enterprise scale, Avi said—effective monitoring is more crucial than ever.

Watch the full Wix presentation below:

Enterprise evolution

Expressing their “Enterprise Love” at FutureStack, New Relic Product Managers Mia Isaacson, Karishma Irani, and Diego Mariño highlighted some of newest features of the New Relic platform, designed to help enterprise-scale businesses like Nationwide, DraftKings, and Wix meet their ever-evolving needs.

The team shared the inside scoop on popular new enterprise features like RBAC (role-based access control) via the REST API (v2), as well as Alerting APIs for increased flexibility in production. Also proving popular, they said, are company-wide dashboards for New Relic Insights, designed to let users see data from multiple accounts on one dashboard.

Many of these new features are intended to help enterprise customers switch seamlessly across products and between accounts, giving them a more holistic picture of their entire stack, from applications to infrastructure. That kind of visibility is essential to making sure that their next big digital moment of truth turns out to be less of a crisis and more of a positive epiphany.

Watch their full presentation below:


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