New Relic Launches Enterprise Integrator Partner Program


Global enterprises are moving to the cloud. Not just bursting and spot jobs, but whole data centers are being moved to the cloud. Whether you’re talking public, private, or hybrid clouds, the transition continues to pick up momentum. In fact, IDC this week forecast that public cloud IT spending alone will hit $127 billion in 2018!

This large-scale cloud migration is new territory for many third-party integrators and consultants, except for a small but rapidly growing set of farsighted firms. These trendsetters sit at the core of the New Relic Enterprise Integrator Partner Program, which has now formally launched.

Built for partners from day one

First, a little background. We built New Relic to be partner-friendly from the very start.

In 2008, New Relic partnered with Engine Yard, a Ruby-focused hosting firm. To track New Relic evaluations and upgrades among Engine Yard customers, we developed a multi-tenant partnership account management system. Establishing that ability for a partner to view, manage, and administer New Relic accounts on their own became the basis for today’s partners to run a New Relic-based line of business. From cloud platform and framework partners, we now formally welcome integrators and consultants into our partnership family.

As practitioners of application optimization and management, integrators and consultants know that a great product is not enough. Even great products require training, field sales support, and an easy way to manage client accounts. In short, a professional partnership on a partner-friendly platform. Our new enterprise partner program leverages a growing trend of service providers helping enterprises manage the performance and customer experience of their customers’ modern software applications.

What’s in it for you, the partner?

As an Enterprise Integrator partner, your clients often include Fortune 1000 firms. They look to you for leadership in cloud migration, application maintenance, managed services, and/or digital transformation consulting. And New Relic products already give you:

  • A “single pane of glass” view across all systems
  • Insight into the particular line of code causing problems
  • Actual user experience, whether mobile or in the browser
  • Real-time business intelligence with easy setup

But that’s only the product side, what about the business side? As an Enterprise Integrator partner you also receive:

  • Access to our multi-tenant Partner Console to manage thousands of clients and applications through one interface
  • Ongoing access to our Partner Response Center for field coordination of your sales reps and ours
  • Special Partner training
  • Extended-use licenses for migration and proof-of-concept work
  • Selective access to present to New Relic sales staff
  • Assigned alliance managers within New Relic
  • Co-marketing webinars and field events
  • Revenue share for sales you enable
  • Partner specific support 24/7

But wait, there’s more! Technology partners have long integrated with New Relic via our APIs. Now we’re testing the concept of embedded New Relic for your managed service provider (MSP) offerings. This can help build out new, higher-margin services with built-in value based on New Relic. In other words, a platform for value added services to help boost your revenue.

As an Enterprise Integrator, this can create greater client satisfaction, helps ensure your engagements stay in scope, and can deliver higher engagement value. Partnering with New Relic can drive a positive feedback loop. As your reputation for high client satisfaction spreads, you’ll be able to win even more contracts and clients.

What’s in it for your clients?

Using New Relic products helps you pinpoint client application problems fast! We’ve seen numerous times during an engagement where, within minutes of using New Relic, the partner points out the source of a problem and recommends the fix. Whether the client or the partner actually does the fix, the client benefits from a fast and accurate diagnosis in recommending or implementing code and architecture improvements. This translates to real dollars in client revenue, cost reduction, end user satisfaction, and SLA achievement.

And now, with New Relic Insights, you have tools to help move up the value chain by delivering analyses into how your clients’ applications are being used and how they’re driving the business. A real-time analytics platform, New Relic Insights supports fast, interactive querying of application use without making you develop a database cluster or perform up-front software tuning.

Virtuous partnering

New Relic offers a fast and easy way to add value to your consulting or integration business. Our Enterprise Integrator Partner Program offers many benefits:

  1. Monitor and diagnose applications across on-premises, hybrid, cloud, and mobile platforms
  2. Multi-tenant account administration makes it easier to manage client accounts and sub-accounts
  3. Ensure client project success, maintain SLAs, and land more business
  4. Build out new, higher-margin MSP offerings

Big-time partners already on board

The New Relic enterprise integrator program has a wide reach, covering industries from healthcare to finance to high tech on top cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Partners include Amazon Premier Global and Advanced Consulting Partners 2nd Watch, 8K Miles, Bulletproof Networks, Connectria Hosting, Dedalus, and Smartshift Technologies; Microsoft Azure Circle Partners Aditi Technologies, RDA Corp., and Terrace Software. Other leading partners include Cloudticity and Lochbridge.

Apply today!

Apply to join them as a New Relic Enterprise Integrator today, it takes just a minute here. To learn more, check out the press release.

At New Relic, our goal is to make you, the Enterprise Integrator, look good–in a hurry! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Kempton Izuno heads up the Enterprise Integrators program at New Relic. He considers himself fortunate to represent a product that's so partner friendly. Be warned, he'll talk and talk about it! Prior to New Relic, Kempton developed international channel programs for Bit9 and BEA Systems, and in between, co-founded an early AWS based startup. View posts by .

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