For the second year of New Relic’s summer internship program, the company welcomes 16 new interns from all over the country. In this post, we’ll focus on our eight engineering interns, each of whom come from different backgrounds and bring a wide variety of skills to the job. The one thing they have in common? They’re all excited for the opportunity to learn from a team of accomplished professionals who can help them develop the skills they need for their future careers in technology.

Here’s a quick glimpse into the background of each of our engineering interns working in the Portland office this summer (with one lone engineer located in San Francisco).

Maureen Dugan: Engineering, Core App

Maureen Dugan headshot: engineering internsMaureen ventured out to Portland after finishing a master’s degree in art history in Buffalo, NY. For three years she coached tennis and tutored at-risk youth in St. Johns before making the career switch to programming. After working with local employers and helping coach new graduates at coding school Epicodus, she’s excited to be diving back into writing code and learning about the deployment pipeline for enterprise systems.

At the monthly Ruby Brigade and FutureTalks meetups last year, Maureen met a number of New Relic staff who highlighted the company’s culture of learning and its focus on professional growth for all employees, which prompted her to apply for an internship. Maureen says she’s already learned a lot about the organizational structure of New Relic, how projects move through the pipeline, and how teams collaborate. One project she’s working on is deciphering the complexity of the RPM foundation site in order to build a simplified administrative app to allow different teams to manage information.

Philip Weiss: Engineering, New Relic Insights

Philip Weiss: engineering internsPhilip Weiss is a native of Portland, Ore., where he has spent many years taking in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys scouting, science fiction novels, playing chess in Pioneer Square, programming, hitting the snooze button more times than he cares to admit, and hanging out with his friends. He has been studying Mandarin Chinese for seven years, and working on a dialect dictionary project that he hopes to expand in college.

Philip has two older sisters and a twin sister; he also has a dog (a female Golden Retriever). Philip loves board games: he has played 4 games of Risk, 40 games of Coup, over 400 games of Settlers of Catan, and probably over 4,000 games of chess. He will attend Stanford University in the fall, and will most likely major in physics.

Shreya Gorde: Engineering, Java Agent

Shreya GordeShreya is currently pursuing a master’s in software engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology (which she attends along with her twin sister, who is getting her master’s in computer science). Shreya completed her bachelor’s of technology in computer engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology in India and has also completed an internship at Pitney Bowes Software in Colorado. She likes to develop software applications and is also interested in software testing. She loves traveling with family and friends, cooking, and watching movies.

Shreya applied for New Relic after finding the listing on and is thrilled to be able to explore the city of Portland. At New Relic, she is looking forward to learning new Java skills in addition to instrumentation modules. Shreya hopes to improve her skills and expertise, and she believes New Relic is the perfect place to do that.

Austin Robarts: Engineering, Business Enablement

Austin RobartAustin is heading into his fourth year at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo this fall, studying software engineering. He is an unfortunate fan of the Sacramento Kings but a secondhand supporter of the Warriors. Austin is a complete newbie to city life and hopes to become at least an amateur by the end of summer. A self-proclaimed “tech junkie,” Austin hopes to learn as much as he can while here at New Relic. He was inspired to apply after a former New Relic intern introduced him to a software manager who offered him great advice on what he needed to do in school to be successful.

By the end of the summer, Austin wants to be able to say he has grown as a programmer and a developer. If he can leave with a better understanding of how a software company operates and how the team he works with designs, produces, and releases a software product, he will be more than happy. 

Amoreena Hagedorn: Engineering, Core App

Amoreena HagedomAlso known as Amo, Amoreena grew up in Bend, Ore., and graduated from Claremont McKenna with a bachelor’s degree in economics, accounting, and international relations. Prior to her New Relic experience, she worked as a software engineer at Allion USA. She is passionate about computer science because she believes it adds value to all areas of life one might want to pursue.

Outside of the office, she loves to explore the great outdoors, taste new brands of beer, take photographs, and read. Amo is thrilled to join the New Relic team.

Dakota Sanchez: Engineering, Mobile

Dakota SanchezDakota Sanchez currently attends Portland State University and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. When he is not devouring new Android APIs, he is usually hiking, snowboarding, or hanging out in a coffee shop.

With his internship opportunity at New Relic, Dakota is looking forward to gaining new coding tricks from fellow Relics and finally understanding the “black magic” that enables engineers to process unbelievable amounts of data.

Jon Merrill: Engineering, Node Team

Jon MerrillJon Merrill attends Oregon State University and is majoring in computer science. He is originally from Humboldt County, Calif. When he is not in front of a computer, you can find him exploring the great outdoors.

By working at New Relic, Jon looks forward to developing key skills that will prepare him as a confident professional in whatever job he pursues. He hopes to use his previous work experience to contribute to New Relic’s goals, while at the same time gaining new insights that can help make him an attractive candidate next year, when he will start applying for a full-time position.

Leslie Strauss: Engineering, Site Reliability

leslie straussLeslie was raised in Corvallis, Ore., and graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor’s in psychology. Prior to her SRE internship at New Relic, Leslie played soccer at Western Washington University, and worked in residential construction for six years and in behavioral support for disabled adults for three years. In her free time, she immersed herself in the technological development of computers and smartphones until she decided to study at the Portland Code School, finally pursuing the career path she had always been passionate about.

She is excited to be working at New Relic, and she “cannot imagine a more perfect opportunity than the SRE internship.”

Next up: San Francisco!

Stay tuned for the next installment in this series, where we’ll profile our eight other summer interns who are working in the marketing and sales departments at New Relic’s San Francisco Headquarters.

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