Definitions of the word “empathy” abound, but this one may sum it up best: “The feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions.” But what can a feeling possibly have to do with running a successful digital business?

abner germanow at futurestack

Abner Germanow of New Relic with Michael Krigsman

Abner Germanow, senior director of strategic marketing at New Relic, knows the answer. In an interview with CXOTalk’s Michael Krigsman at FutureStack16 San Francisco, Abner explained that a commitment to serving the customer in new and better ways is crucial to any digital transformation. That means understanding—as deeply as possible—each customer’s experience of your digital products.

“If you have empathy for a customer,” he said, “the way they interact with your digital properties not only changes your relationship with them—it also changes the relationship they have with everyone at your company that they interact with.”

In practice, that means developers, marketers, sales reps—everyone—should be empathizing with customers. And the best way to develop “empathy with certainty” is to apply data to it. “Otherwise, you’re just speculating,” Abner pointed out.

To hear more from Abner about the shift from opinion-based software development to a more empirical, data-dependent model, watch the full 7-minute video below:

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