Recently, single-sign-on vendor Okta released its first ever regional Businesses @ Work report, focused on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Based on “the data and trends across hundreds of EMEA [Okta] customers,” the SSO leader named New Relic as one of the fastest growing apps in the region and “the fastest growing developer tool the past six months in EMEA.” Just as important, 47% of Okta’s EMEA customers now use at least one developer tool, more than in North America or APAC.

Okta’s list of the fastest growing apps in EMEA is below, but I encourage you to check out the entire report—it’s really interesting to see data behind the trends that are emerging in the region.

okta business at work chart

Validating New Relic’s growth in EMEA

This report is an exciting validation point for New Relic in the EMEA region, reiterating what we’re seeing in growth in our customer base here. In March of this year we shared some of that growth story publicly, noting how leading companies across the EMEA region continue to adopt the New Relic platform, boosting New Relic’s EMEA revenue by 46%. The growing list of enterprises adopting New Relic include News UK, Migros, Ryanair, Trainline, FranceTV, Ocado Technology, and Irish Distillers, representing multiple industries and different geographies.

In addition to welcoming new EMEA customers, we have notched two more major successes in the region with our FutureStack customer events in London and Berlin. It really means a lot to us when hundreds of New Relic customers show up for an event to hear other customers speak about how our technology is helping their businesses.

There are other proof points as well. For instance, when you look at Datanyze’s tracking of the top Web Performance Monitoring technologies in the UK, New Relic has an overwhelming share of the market. It’s a similar story in Germany, too. The major modern IT trends of cloud computing, digital transformation, and the adoption of DevOps practices are driving companies to invest in technologies like New Relic. They know they need to instrument their entire stack and get the right-level of visibility to run their business faster and better.

GDPR compliance is a key issue

Certainly top of mind for many IT executives at enterprises in Europe is compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, which were approved in April 2016 and go into full force in May 2018. New Relic is no exception—we’re working hard to make sure we’re fully compliant with GDPR.

On the larger privacy and data front, our customers have asked us for more choice in where their data is stored, and as a result we’re investing in a European region availability zone to be located in Germany.

With offices in Dublin, London, Munich, Zurich, and our European Development Center in Barcelona, New Relic is deeply committed—and clearly well positioned—to be a valuable partner with more and more leading businesses in the region. We are excited to help our customers get real-time visibility into their apps and infrastructure, move faster to the cloud, provide world-class digital customer experiences, and drive innovation and digital transformation. New Relic’s presence in EMEA continues to grow quickly, and we’re excited to see that recognized by third-parties such as Okta’s Business @ Work report.


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