Email Alerts Now Available in New Relic Standard – Same Price, More Features

New Relic is celebrating the holiday season by adding more features and more value to our New Relic Standard offering!  As of today, New Relic Standard includes our Proactive Alerting feature, often referred to as email alerts or just alerts.  With Proactive Alerting, New Relic automatically sends alerts directly to your inbox when your application or servers aren’t performing as expected. Does this mean the price of New Relic Standard is going up?  No way! Same price, more features, more value, more fun. Now that is the holiday spirit!!

Currently, we can trigger alerts based on your application’s Error Rate and Apdex scores, your end user’s Apdex scores, and your sever’s CPU, Memory, Disk IO, and Disk capacity.  We also monitor application availability and will email you when your application is down. To determine when New Relic should trigger an alert for any one of these metrics, you need to set appropriate thresholds for your application.  New Relic sets a default threshold for each, but we highly recommend you review the defaults and change them if necessary based on your needs.  There’s nothing worse than getting too many false alarm emails and then missing the real one.  Isn’t there a story about a boy crying wolf?

To get alerts sent to your email, go to “My Preferences” and check the “Alert notifications” checkbox.

Email Preferences


While I could go on and on about how to use New Relic alerts – I don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel. Check out the great alert documentation that was written by our development team.

Remember, to get alerts for Server CPU, Disk and memory – you need to have our free Server Monitoring product installed. So if you haven’t setup this feature already, get started with Server Monitoring today!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!



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