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It has been a month since the launch of our FREE Server Monitoring product and New Relic is now monitoring over 12,000 active servers for our customers. When we introduced Server Monitoring we talked about the four key metrics that are shown on the dashboard: CPU BusyDisk BusyMemory Used, and Disk Space Used. Today we are announcing that we have extended the capabilities of Server Monitoring! You now have the option to receive email alerts for servers when those metrics cross the configurable “Critical (red)” threshold.

Getting started is easy. If you want to receive email alerts, select to receive “Alert notifications” for an account in your user preferences.  Alerts will automatically be sent to you based on current thresholds, no other configuration is needed. Of course, you can customize the thresholds so you can control what is a critical threshold for your server or application.  Be sure to set your thresholds at meaningful levels. Setting thresholds too optimistically is one of the most common pitfalls when setting up alerting, if servers routinely go over those levels you wil receive a lot of email alerts and those alerts quickly become ignored and are no longer effective.

Setting the thresholds in New Relic is easy, there is no need to edit files or restart software, so feel free to make quick changes and adjust as necessary. It can be done for a single server by clicking the gear icon on the server’s row in the Servers list. Thresholds can also be set for whole groups of servers by using the application or text filter in combination with the bulk settings icon.

We think that email notifications of the four key Server Monitoring metrics provide a simple but powerful tool to help you diagnose and react to emerging problems before they become crises. It isn’t the solution for every need (we still use Nagios internally for detailed process monitoring and SNMP traps) but we believe that it’s a great tool for monitoring the essential server resources – especially in the context of your application. We hope you enjoy using it!

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Note that just like Application alerts, Server alerts require a Pro subscription.'

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