Three years is a long time in the world of technology. Three years ago Twitter had just gone public, Heartbleed was about to hit the world’s web servers, and nobody had heard of the Apple Watch. New Relic had yet to go public, but was enjoying phenomenal growth across many markets, including Europe. Hundreds of European customers were using New Relic’s products, but we wanted to reach thousands more.

We selected Dublin, Ireland, as the base for the next phase of New Relic’s expansion across Europe. The decision was easy, as nearly every single major U.S. tech company has a strong presence in Dublin. And most companies, especially the more innovative and disruptive ones, are here for the talent.

The presence of major tech firms, top-class local universities, talented people from every European country, and a passionately entrepreneurial culture make an irresistible combination. Plus, it’s an easy place to do business—whether you need help promoting your recruitment event, want to meet a customer for a quick coffee, or have a word with the prime minister, it can all be done with a minimum of fuss.

The mix of North American companies here in Dublin is impressive—all the big names from Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, Texas, and the East Coast are represented. Visitors from San Francisco often tell me that they can do better networking with other Americans here in the offices and bars of Dublin than they can back home. Where else are you going to find Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, (and New Relic!) HQs all within a couple miles of each other? I can pass the front doors of all these companies while on a lunchtime run!

The bustling city centre of Dublin today.

The bustling city centre of Dublin today.

Early days in Ireland

And yet while New Relic found Dublin, in some ways Dublin found New Relic, too. When New Relic Founder and CEO Lew Cirne went to London to speak at the Structure conference in September 2013, a certain Yasser Salamat, then at Zend, made his way to London to attend the show and catch up with Lew. Our CEO was charmed by Yasser’s passion for cloud tech, spent time with him, and stayed connected. And when the Dublin office was finally opened a few months later, Yass became our first employee based in Europe.

The initial team included Yass, Wesley Brien to lead the technical team, and Michelle Kennedy to get operations up and running. The first location was a shared office space in Dublin city centre, which the new Tech Support and SMB Sales teams quickly outgrew. One year later the current office in the very centre of Dublin was established and our EMEA HQ really started to take shape. Every major function is now established here—Sales Engineering, Marketing, Finance, Sales Ops, Alliance & Channels, People Ops, and Legal—creating a mini SFO/PDX (the company’s two other big offices) in the heart of Dublin. It is very powerful to be able to instantly pull together a full cross-functional team to work together on a deal, and have it all done and dusted in minutes.

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An international team

Not only has our rate of expansion been phenomenal—we have almost 100 people now working in the Dublin office—but the diversity of this team is very special. We have more than 25 nationalities represented in this office, and you can hear customer conversations in French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish as you walk from the front door to the coffee station. All of these people bring not just a passion for the technology business, but also an energy and flair that few other places can touch.

New Relic Dublin team

The New Relic Dublin team recently gathered together to celebrate the company’s 9th birthday.

When you consider that more than half of the sales team was hired since I joined one year ago, it’s not surprising that we have developed a high-energy, high-performance culture, and we bring that passion to our customers. And as New Relic’s products have expanded into a full digital intelligence platform, it has been thrilling to see some of the best brand names in the region, and around the world, turning to us to help accelerate their digital initiatives and their businesses.

While working in the same time zones as our customers is a big advantage, sometimes only a face-to-face meeting will do. Luckily, from Dublin you can leave home at 6 a.m. and be at a customer’s office in London, Paris, or Berlin by 10 a.m. And when you’re in the mood for a getaway, a cheap two-hour flight will set you up for a weekend in Rome or Riga, Brussels or Barcelona.

Driving toward success

This is the heart of what we are striving for here in Dublin—a place where every individual has the opportunity to express their authentic passion for technology and sales, for engaging with and learning from their customers, for working with an incredible product platform in New Relic, for competing and winning, in order to achieve their personal and professional goals. Each person can bring their growth mindset to work every day to reach their full potential, while collectively we deliver our key objective: to drive market share in EMEA for New Relic.

It’s my pleasure to be a part of this journey, and to recognize every one of my amazing colleagues in Dublin whose individual contributions help to make us the world’s leading digital intelligence company.

We’re hiring!

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