DrupalCon 2012 Has Come and Gone!

Drupal logoLast week over 3,100 Drupal aficionados descended on the Colorado Convention Center in Denver to attend keynotes, sessions, training, and share excitement about Drupal! Conversations in and out of our busy booth helped us get to know the incredible Drupal community, make new connections and share how we can help improve the health, performance and availability of production Drupal apps.

Not only are we impressed by the current state of Drupal, we are inspired by the community’s look towards the future. Mobile preparedness and Symfony adoption affirm a strong commitment to innovation. We have no doubt that Drupal 8 will improve an already strong experience for developers, authors and site visitors. The same ambition for excellence drives us at New Relic!

Our thanks to everyone who made DrupalCon 2012 a success: the Drupal Association, sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and attendees. Special thanks to our partner Acquia who allowed us to demo New Relic at their booth and ActiveState who demoed New Relic on Stackato.

Here at New Relic we are proud to be a part of the Drupal community. Conference attendees still have time to try New Relic Pro for free! (Promo Code: DrupalCon30)

We can’t wait to see our friends and partners in Munich, and next year in Portland. See you again soon!

William Henderson-Frost is a Software Engineer at New Relic who works on PHP app instrumentation. He can be reached at will@newrelic.com.

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