Dodgeball, friends, and a good cause – thanks to Github!

This weekend, we participated in the Octocat Dodgeball Invitational, which was hosted by code repository company (and friends!) Github.  You can read about it at VentureBeat here.  While we didn’t win, our scrappy team made it through several rounds of play.

Participating teams were from Github, Twitter, Twilio, ZapposEngine Yard, Source Ninja,UserVoiceHerokuPerforce SoftwareLookout Mobile SecurityOpen StackContext Optional (a part of Efficient Frontier), Plum DistrictCode for AmericaSequoia Capital and of course New Relic.

The group ended up raising over $57,000 for some really great charities.

I thought VentureBeat summed it up best, “While the the idea of a bunch of geeks trying to annihilate each other with foam balls seems like the punchline of a joke, the level of competition was fierce.”'

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