Taking Diversity and Inclusion to the Next Level at New Relic

New Relic is a special place to work, thanks to a strong focus on culture and company values as well as a mission to help the world build and manage great software. I recently joined the company to lead diversity and talent acquisition globally, primarily because I saw a genuine passion for people and making the company the best it could be during an important time of growth.

Definitions: diversity and inclusion

At New Relic, we believe a diverse workforce is one that benefits from a variety of experiences, skills, backgrounds, and perspectives. This means we welcome people of different ages, ethnicities, genders, religions, and sexual orientations.

Inclusion at New Relic means creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable being their authentic selves and ensuring a level playing field where all employees are given both an opportunity to do their best work, and a voice that matters.

Where do we stand today?

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is no easy feat, especially in tech. It has to start from the top. Our CEO and Founder, Lew Cirne, is incredibly passionate about this issue, and recently shared his thoughts with our team about why diversity and inclusion matter. (You can read his entire email message at the bottom of this post.)

While diversity numbers tell only part of the overall diversity and inclusion story for any given company, they are helpful indicators of an organization’s “quantifiable” mix of people and trends over time.

How are we doing on our diversity numbers at New Relic? We believe we have a good foundation to build on in some areas and yet we recognize we have a lot of work to do to balance the scales. Today, we are sharing “our numbers” in support of the broader tech movement to bring attention and focus to this important issue as well as to publicly hold ourselves accountable to the change we are working to create within New Relic:

new relic diversity graphs

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To improve our numbers we are taking an organic and programmatic approach. Organically, Relics have long worked to increase diversity and inclusion at New Relic and their surrounding communities. Complementing these efforts, we recently created a Diversity and Inclusion program office to provide programmatic, process, and funding support along with overall company coordination and focus.

Collectively, what are we focusing on?

  1. Increasing New Relic’s employee diversity: We are focused on all aspects of attracting, hiring, and retaining a diverse workforce. This means thinking about the entire employee lifecycle, from college recruiting and leveraging strategic partnerships (e.g., Hackbright Academy and CODE 2040), to implementing diverse interview teams and mentorship for new hires and managers.
  1. Ensuring a level playing field within New Relic: We are investing in our people to make sure they have the resources they need to be successful and to manage their teams successfully. In addition to programs focused on career development and advancement, we’re implementing ongoing unconscious bias training for employees and will hold our leadership team accountable for adopting best practices and for continuing to make diversity and inclusion a priority across their organizations.
  1. Creating an inclusive environment for diverse populations: Holding true to our company value of “authentic,” we are implementing resources to drive affinity groups and forums to bring together people from various backgrounds. In addition to the unconscious bias training mentioned above, we are holding training in cultural sensitivity, and creating ongoing dialogue from the feedback given in our employee survey.
  1. Sharing New Relic’s efforts and impact, internally and externally: Everyone at New Relic is accountable for diversity and inclusion. We want to foster an ongoing internal dialogue about our efforts, including frequent updates to our team to help interested employees participate in relevant programs. This includes sharing regular external updates about our programs, metrics, and milestones. By creating transparent and frequent communications, our goal is to continually reinforce the importance of diversity and inclusion as an integrated part of our culture.

Why now?

As we’ve continued to scale our business, our team has grown to more than 800 employees. We’re focused on building a company that will last for generations and to us that means we need to be focused on building a diverse and inclusive company. We believe that complementing our organic efforts with more formal company support and accountability will help us achieve our goals and support all our Relics.

We recognize this is not an easy journey but it is a critically important one. We are committed to making a difference for our employees and the communities around us. On behalf of Relics around the world, thank you for joining us on this journey.

Email from Lew Cirne, CEO and Founder, New Relic:

New Relic is and always will be a diverse and inclusive place to work. We are a team of unique individuals with different backgrounds and experiences, united in a common mission—to help the world build and manage great software. We believe great diversity and real inclusion are the keys to unleashing the greatest work of our careers.

New Relic is a place where you are encouraged to bring your authentic self to the office to help us solve our challenges and earn success in the marketplace. We believe great things happen when we are being our true selves.

By being open and honest, we connect deeply with our teammates. Together, we can accomplish more, faster. And, we can take bold risks together, knowing that we have each other’s back if we fall short. We are accountable for respecting each other and our differences. We are passionate about creating amazing products that our customers love. This is why we love our Mondays. We love coming to work because this is so much more than just a job.

Our commitment to being bold, passionate, authentic, accountable, and connected is what makes us a different kind of company. These are our values. These are what make us Relics. No matter who you are—your background, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation—you are here to help us achieve our mission. You are important. You have a voice.

—Lew Cirne



Jason has 20 years of deep experience in identifying and hiring high-performing teams, and is the head of global talent acquisition and diversity for New Relic. In addition, he leads several professional recruiting organizations throughout the country and frequently presents at industry conferences. Jason has authored and published content in, and has been quoted by The Huffington Post, Fast Company, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Society for Human Resource Management, and more. View posts by .

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