New Relic’s quarterly Digital Intelligence Platform Launches are designed to showcase new product features and updates that will help you more effectively monitor your digital business. The Spring Release—announced today at our FutureStack London user conference—focuses on three key features: Health Map, a combined view of your applications and infrastructure health; expanded AWS integrations; and a New Relic Infrastructure SDK.

The increasing complexity of dynamic cloud architectures demands powerful new features to help pinpoint performance issues no matter where they occur within the application stack. Curated for the cloud, the Digital Intelligence Platform Spring Launch is a further demonstration of our commitment to support enterprises adopting the cloud.

What’s in the Digital Intelligence Platform Spring Launch?

In our Winter 2017 quarterly Digital Intelligence Platform Launch, we highlighted our massive improvements to New Relic Insights, which included Metric Explorer and TimePicker, and new alerting features such as NRQL Alerts and dynamic targeting to give more power to enterprise DevOps and operations teams.

This quarter, we have even more good stuff to share:

  • Health Map: a holistic view connecting app performance to the appropriate underlying infrastructure.
  • New AWS integrations: Expanded Amazon Web Service (AWS) integrations that provide more accurate budget planning and forecasting, and the ability to monitor Elasticsearch, Kinesis Firehose, Route53, and ECS/ECR.
  • Infrastructure SDK: Tools for building your own integrations for New Relic Infrastructure, so you can track any on-host service along with other host-specific resources.
  • Even more features, including New Relic Mobile crash event trail, New Relic Synthetics new public locations, New Relic Browser domain conditions, and New Relic Insights facet cases.

Health Map

As applications move toward more scalable architectures, and with every minute of downtime or slow performance impacting your business, it’s becoming more difficult—and more important—to quickly pinpoint the source of an issue within the application stack. Health Map provides a high-density, color-coded view of all your applications and the multiple hosts they rely on so you can more quickly pinpoint any problems. Here’s what it looks like:

health map dashboard

This example shows the power of Health Map and labels to let you see, at a glance, an issue with a single host.

Health Map helps you quickly find problems by viewing your applications sorted by their health status, use context to find noisy-neighbor issues, and display system health on a Network Operations Center (NOC) screen. This can help clearly visualize the complex dependencies among applications and infrastructure.

All New Relic customers with access to APM Essentials or above and New Relic Infrastructure can leverage the power of the Health Map feature, which is available today.

Expanded AWS integrations for New Relic Infrastructure

We are also introducing a host of New Relic Infrastructure integrations for AWS. Designed to let you build a complete view of your entire architecture in one place, these updates help enterprises effectively migrate, optimize, and scale with AWS’s most popular products.

For AWS account billing and cost management, for example, the new Infrastructure integration will let you instantly view how much you’re getting charged for various AWS services and accounts, as well as estimate future costs. This is incredibly useful, because these services can change quickly, especially when coping with sudden usage spikes.

Other new integrations include the ability to monitor the performance of data streams processed via Amazon Kinesis Firehose and view how S3, Redshift, and/or Elasticsearch delivery streams are performing. You can also monitor your Elasticsearch clusters, including the status of the cluster, the number of documents, and the performance of the cluster. And if you’re running Amazon EC2 container management service (ECS) and/or container registry (ECR), you’ll now have visibility into the performance, capacity, and utilization of the ECS cluster.

estimated charges per service

An sample chart generated by New Relic Infrastructure’s new AWS account billing and cost-management integration.

Infrastructure SDK

The New Relic Infrastructure SDK is designed to make it easier to add information about ad-hoc services and data points to New Relic Infrastructure.

The SDK, available today, lets you build your own integrations to collect metric, operational event, and live-state data from any on-host hardware or software infrastructure components—such as a database like MongoDB or a load balancer like NGINX—and then feed them directly into New Relic Infrastructure and New Relic Insights.

infrastructure SDK

An sample dashboard for your on-host database, generated by the new Infrastructure SDK. [click to enlarge]

Want to learn more?

Add them all up and these new updates are designed to give DevOps and operations teams significantly more control and configurability over what you can measure and analyze in New Relic.

To find out more details about what’s new in the Digital Intelligence Platform Spring Launch, check out the Platform Updates page on It showcases some of the additional features we’ve released, such as New Relic Mobile crash event trail, additional New Relic Synthetics public locations, New Relic Browser domain conditions, and New Relic Insights facet cases.

You can also read the press release, and join us for a close-up look at all the latest New Relic announcements in our Spring ’17 New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform Updates webinar. It’s happening on Thursday, June 15, at 11 a.m. Pacific Time (2 p.m. ET). Register today!



Note: Event dates, speakers, and schedules are subject to change without notice.

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