Did You Know: New Relic RPM


Today is the first in what we hope to be a series of informative blog posts under the category “Did you know”. The goal is to provide you interesting tidbits about New Relic RPM, its use and its features. We’ll turn you into power users yet!

If you have an idea for a “Did you know”, please let us know!

Did you know New Relic RPM not only provides performance monitoring and management for Ruby on Rails applications, but RPM is itself written entirely in Ruby on Rails! That’s right, RPM is a big Ruby application. How big you ask? This month alone, RPM has collected over 8.3 BILLION time slices. The collector tier of the application (the part of the product that collects all your performance data and stores it in our databases for your analysis) hums along at 50ms response time or less. Who says Rails can’t scale? RPM proves it can!

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