Devoxx4Kids: A FutureTalk with Arun Gupta [Video]

By day, Arun Gupta is the director for developer advocacy at Red Hat. By night, he’s a developer dad. On weekends, though, he’s a member of the Steering Committee and workshop manager for Devoxx4Kids, a non-profit organization that aims to inspire kids around the world to get interested in programming, robotics, and engineering.

The idea behind the Devoxx4Kids initiative is to associate technology with fun by teaching them to develop computer games, program robots, and introduce them to electronics. In just the last 2 years, Devoxx4Kids has coached more than 3,000 kids from around the world in more than 100 different events.

In his FutureTalk presentation earlier this month in New Relic’s Portland offices, Arun covered the inception of the Devoxx4Kids organization along with its growth and global adoption. He also offered some handy guidelines for how to start a local chapter.

He shares some great first hand experiences, and goes into detail about event logistics and best practices for parents interested in hosting a Devoxx4Kids workshop. He’s particularly interested in Scratch (plus LeapMotion), Minecraft Modding, Lego Mindstorms, and the NAO humanoid that helps teach autistic children among other things.

Check out the video below for an excellent introduction to Devoxx4Kids, and learn how to get yourself (and your budding programmers) involved.

To find out more and get involved locally in Oregon, please join the new Devoxx4Kids-Portland Meetup group! You can also get in touch with Arun on Twitter @arungupta or shoot him a message at

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