DevOps the Microsoft Way, Docker Tricks & Other Useful DevOps Links This Week [2/19/14]

Although not everyone may agree on a singular definition of DevOps, most people will likely agree that it’s a still-evolving movement. There are new DevOps ideas and tools emerging every day, and as DevOps practitioners ourselves, we like to make a habit of keeping up with these conversations.

Here’s a quick roundup of interesting DevOps-related news that caught our attention this week:

  • A recent Gartner poll finds that a mere 5.5% of NoSQL users are DBAs. Is this data signaling the end of traditional IT?
  • Microsoft offers its own perspective on DevOps. A good primer whether you’re a Microsoft shop or not.
  • Monitorama released its speaker list, and look who’s going to be there for the keynote: FutureStack fave Hilary Mason!homepage-docker-logo 2
  • DevOps can play a crucial role in speeding up the cloud application lifecycle—but only with continuous deployment.
  • Single process Docker model? Or fully featured containers? baseimage-docker offers one way of doing it.
  • The upcoming #ChefConf 2014 in San Francisco will be a great place to learn more about DevOps and automation.

Have you read any other interesting DevOps articles lately? Share them in the comments below!

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