December Partner Spotlight: News from AWS, Pantheon, ActiveState and More

In this monthly series, we share interesting news, content and upcoming events from our partners. This month’s spotlight includes content from Amazon Web Services, Pantheon, ActiveState, AppDirect, SOASTA, and some of our new Connect partners.

*Pantheon’s Founder and CTO, David Strauss, talks about How Pantheon Scales to meet production traffic demands.

* HP Cloud Services announces their new HP Cloud Application PaaS, in which they chose Stackato from ActiveState to power the PaaS engine. (HP Cloud Services and ActiveState customers get New Relic Standard free of charge thanks to our partnerships.)

* AppDirect is grooming the next generation of startup founders with the launch of the AppDirect Developer Incubator.

* Check out the latest from Amazon Web services: Amazon Redshift, lower prices for Amazon S3, Windows software support, and more.

* SOASTA launches its Mobile Services Division. Learn more their mobile performance testing and mobile test automation.

Our New Relic Connect program continues to grow! Learn more about our latest Connect partners:

* Use the Railsware New Relic Time Span Selection History Chrome extension to quickly and easily return to previously selected timeframes while drilling down into your New Relic app performance data.

* Use New Relic Server Annotation to add naming tags to your New Relic server list to quickly find and identify specific servers.'

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