We want to celebrate your success in using software to build a business and delight your customers.

data nerd selfies (1)Does your startup or small business use New Relic to gain insight into its applications and the experience of your customers? Are you interested in sharing your story with the world? Well, now you can—Data Nerd Selfies are here!

Our newly launched Data Nerd Selfies program is a DIY version of a New Relic case study. You can build your own customer testimonial (in written or video form) based on your experience with New Relic and the world of software. This unique opportunity is designed to make it easy to showcase your innovative technology and team.

Why create a Data Nerd Selfie?

  • Get featured placement on www.newrelic.com and on our social media channels.
  • Expand your brand awareness and boost exposure.
  • Showcase your innovative technology and team.
  • Land potential speaking gigs at conferences.
  • Get the opportunity to win cool rewards, like tickets to FutureStack16, our big annual user conference in San Francisco!

The power of a personal story

We credit the concept of the program to one of our champion customers, Envato, who approached us more than a year ago with the idea of writing and producing its own New Relic case study and video. We were wowed at what Envato was able to do and the story the team was able to share without much direction. It was the first time we had seen, approved, and published a customer story not created by the New Relic team.

While the Envato story was New Relic’s first customer-submitted story, it was not the last. This past January, our friends down under at LockedOn offered to create a customer testimonial video. Once again we were totally impressed with the final product.

After seeing the creative, unfiltered work of two customers, it dawned on us that there are more than 13,000 of you, all with amazing and unique use cases and stories to share. We were inspired to create a platform for you to build your own case study or video based on your experiences with New Relic and the world of software.

So we invite you—developers and engineers, marketers and CEOs, leaders of the software world and Data Nerds alike—to come take a Selfie and share your New Relic story.

3 simple steps to submit your Selfie

We’ve made the process of submitting a Data Nerd Selfie as easy as possible! A special website (http://newrelic.com/selfies) guides you through three basic steps: Pose, Snap, and Upload.

Step One (Pose) asks for basic details about your business: your company name, your industry, the product or service you offer, and so on.

Step Two (Snap) asks you a few questions about how you use New Relic. For example: What challenges were you facing before you started using New Relic? How did New Relic help you overcome them? How do you plan to use New Relic to grow your business?

Step Three (Upload) is where you—big surprise—upload the assets with which you want to illustrate your Selfie: team photos, product photos, your company logo, etc. You can also upload an accompanying video if you’ve produced one.

That’s it—it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

We’ll review your submission and, if we agree that your story will make a great Data Nerd Selfie, we’ll work with you to put together a beautifully designed, customized case study that will live on our website and be shared via social media, putting your brand and your story in front of a huge audience.

Want to see examples of what a finalized Data Nerd Selfie looks like? Check out these slick Selfies:

The Movember Foundation

movember data nerd selfie

[click to view full Selfie]

 Paper Culture

paper culture data nerd selfie

[click to view full Selfie]

Now it’s your turn! Visit http://newrelic.com/selfies to get started.


Selfie image courtesy of Shutterstock.com.

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