Success metrics for most of us take the form of incremental revenue, customer engagement, conversions, and other mundane business measurements. For CURE International, though, success is measured in the number of kids’ lives it changes.

cure international logoThe metrics so far are very encouraging: CURE has enabled funding for more than 2.8 million outpatient visits and 204,000 surgeries for children in 30 developing countries—addressing conditions such as clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lips, and hydrocephalus, which too often go untreated when there is no money to pay for it. But CURE wants to do even more, and for that it needs top-performing, innovative software.

Using technology and data to serve more children

Six years ago when Joel Worrall became chief technology officer at CURE, he saw the opportunity to use technology in a more strategic way to help the organization expand its efforts and reach more children. “One of the great things about working at CURE is that we’re at the intersection of two sectors that have a real need for technology innovation: healthcare and nonprofit,” he says.

cure kidsJoel and his team adopted New Relic early in CURE’s technology journey, adding New Relic tools as they were introduced and expanding the organization’s ability to glean more insight into its software and operations. CURE now leverages the entire New Relic Software Analytics Cloud for the data it needs to achieve its humanitarian goals.

“The reality today is that if you’re not using software analytics, you don’t really care about your product or the customer experience,” says Joel. “For a not-for-profit like CURE, the website has to be up at all times and it has to be ready to accept donations. We absolutely have to be able to understand and monitor the donor experience anytime and anywhere in the world.”

Taking software analytics around the world

Not only does CURE use New Relic to monitor its website and all the systems that the organization uses for communications, marketing, and fund-raising, it also relies on New Relic to monitor the systems that are installed in its hospitals and those running in the cloud that support its field operations.

“With New Relic, we have the opportunity to understand the user experience and performance of each system in each of our hospitals in real time,” says Joel. “We’ve got metrics that we track on a regular basis, and thresholds that we monitor to ensure that our users have a good experience regardless of device.”

Making data available for everyone

joe worrall

Joe Worrall, CTO of CURE

Monitoring performance is just the tip of the data iceberg for CURE. The digital marketing staff at CURE use New Relic to understand what’s happening on the website, including which stories are trending and who the most active advocates are for the kids needing treatment. “That data helps us make better decisions about how to market, communicate, and reach more people, so that we can heal more kids,” says Joel.

The CURE board of directors regularly reviews metrics from New Relic to understand the effectiveness of the CURE technology. Even CURE donors see real-time data from New Relic on the website, including weekly statistics on the number of actions taken and the number of people who decided to become involved.

As with most nonprofit organizations, Joel’s team must do all this and more with as little cost as possible. The organization commits to using more than 90% of every donation directly for the delivery of charitable care. “We literally couldn’t do what we do without New Relic,” says Worrall. “It saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in people time and software costs.” That savings allows CURE to serve more kids in need of life-changing treatment.

Joel reports that “technology is now driving nearly everything we do. We’re using it to tell the stories of the kids we serve, drive growth in the number of donors and the size of donations, and serve people with better quality using groundbreaking open source technology for hospitals.”

To learn more about how CURE uses New Relic to support its mission, read the full case study and watch the video below:


“Marcos” photo credit: CARE International

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