Improve Your App for a Good Cause – New Relic Sponsors CURE’s “30 Days, 30 Kids” campaign

client-Cure-org-logoAt New Relic, we believe that modern software has the power to change the world. We saw proof of this in each and every presentation, panel discussion and conversation we had with the attendees at FutureStack last week.

Software is helping us communicate and collaborate better; it’s helping us stay connected; it’s helping make our lives easier and our commutes more entertaining. But more importantly, software is helping us improve the lives of others; it’s helping change the way we take care of each other; and it’s helping us look out for the greater good.

CURE International is one such example of an organization that’s building software to change the lives of thousands of physically disabled children in the developing world. Through its nonprofit network of charitable hospitals and programs, CURE provides treatment for children with conditions like clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lips, untreated burns, and hydrocephalus. Since the organization was founded in 1998, CURE physicians have treated more than 2.1 million patients, provided over 165,000 surgeries, and trained 6,600 medical professionals in 29 countries.

Needless to say, CURE is doing some amazing work, and we couldn’t be happier that New Relic is helping play a part in spreading the word about their mission. CURE uses New Relic to ensure that both their web and mobile apps are performing optimally. So to show our appreciation and admiration for the honorable work they do, this month, we’re sponsoring a “30 Days, 30 Kids” campaign to help raise money for CURE and the children they serve.

The details?

    • For each new free deploy coming through, New Relic will donate $100 to CURE
    • Money will be donated to 30 kids over the next 30 days
    • The goal is to raise at least $30,000 by December 10th, 2013

Even if you’re already using New Relic, you can still make a donation to CURE at And if you’re not using New Relic, this is the perfect opportunity to help a child in need, while improving the performance of your app at the same time. I hope you’ll join us in kicking off the giving season by deploying a free trial of New Relic or donating to CURE today.'

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