CURE Creates Roadmap for Improving App Performance with New Relic Data

CURE logoMore than 100 million children in the developing world suffer from physical disabilities that can be cured through surgery. And CURE’s mission is to help as many of them as possible. Since the organization opened its first hospital in 1998, its physicians have seen more than 1.9 million patients and provided over 138,000 life-changing surgeries.

Small Footprint, Massive Global Outreach
CURE maintains a small domestic footprint with only 35 employees working out of its Pennsylvania headquarters. To maintain the organization’s massive global reach, another 1,500 staff members work in dozen of hospitals around the world. “As in most nonprofits, efficiency isn’t just a nice thing to have – it’s absolutely critical,” says Joel Worrall, CTO at CURE. “We keep our central operations as minimal and efficient as possible, because we want to focus our energy and resources on helping disabled kids. As a result, we have a very small IT team (four people to be exact). Hiring more IT people simply isn’t an option.”

Choosing Smart Operational Tools
The website is the linchpin of the organization’s complex global operation. It’s the primary channel for the organization’s fundraising, and the main point of communication between its HQ and sprawling network of donors and sponsors. Also CURE has recently launched CUREkids, its first native iOS app. With so much on the line, the organization knew that providing superior app performance was paramount.

Maintaining a lean organization while providing maximum support to people in the field means choosing smart operational tools. And in a very short period of time, New Relic has become a key component in CURE’s innovative, efficient global operation. “Previously, we would diagnose problems by going into the boxes and manually searching the logs,” says Worrall. “Now with New Relic, finding the source of an issue is almost instant. That alone saves us hours each week and sometimes hours every day.”

“If our website isn’t working, then our organization isn’t working,” he explains. “Without it, our communication with folks in the field would be severely limited. And just as importantly, every outage affects our fundraising efforts. People don’t generally go wandering around the Internet looking for opportunities to give away money. Instead, they’re often struck by a desire to donate, and if we’re unable to process their donation in that moment of unplanned generosity, then we may lose them altogether. Every outage represents a missed opportunity to engage with internal stakeholders, reach potential donors, and of course help kids all over the world. New Relic helps us keep those outages to a minimum.”

See for Yourself
To find out how New Relic has helped CURE create a roadmap for improving app performance, read the full case study or watch this video:'

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