The CAT’s out of the bag!

We love our customers. They are some of the most enthusiastic and supportive customers in the world, and rarely miss a beat. When we released our updated Ruby, Java and .NET agents recently, some of you noticed vague references to HTTP headers in the release notes and asked us what that was about. As you might of guessed, we were getting ready to announce something new. And today we’re officially announcing updated agents for Java, .NET and Ruby — all of which now support a new feature called Cross Application Tracing (CAT).

For those of you who have multi-tier, SOA-style architectures, CAT allows you to better visualize and trace through the connections between your application tiers. While we’ve always captured connections between these tiers, today’s release makes it even easier to trace through from one application to the next.

Once you upgrade to the latest Java, .NET or Ruby agents, you’ll start to see cross application data magically begin to appear in several places in New Relic. The most visually interesting change will likely be in the Application Map, where the logical connections between your app will be called out more clearly:

App Map with Cross Application Tracing

But you’ll also get value out of the updated External Services view, which will now break down your external calls in to the individual web transactions on the receiving side of the web service request:

CAT External Calls

The most interesting change is also the subtlest. Look closely in your Transaction Traces and you’ll see some new icons in the Drilldown column:

CAT Transaction Traces

These icons will either link you to the aggregate view of the underlying web transaction during the time of the trace or (if available) the individual trace captured on the other side of the application tier.

Now that the CAT’s out of the bag, keep an eye out for these subtle, but important, improvements to Cross Application Tracing.'

Patrick Lightbody is VP of product management at New Relic. Now based in Portland, Oregon, Patrick has started two companies in the SaaS monitoring space. View posts by .

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