Cool stuff: New Relic Tool Bar, made possible in part by our updated API.

Many of our customers prefer the out-of-the-box New Relic experience–up and running in a couple of minutes, ready-to-use dashboards, off to the races, no fuss, no mess. But we’re always impressed when members of the community customize the product in ways that fit their unique needs. The latest implementation is a great example. Inspired by our newly updated APIBrit Gardner has created a nice-looking New Relic toolbar.

What’s in it?

The toolbar displays key metrics:

  • Throughput (in requests per minute)
  • Response time (in ms)
  • Error rate (in %)
  • Apdex score

And just like the product itself, New Relic Menu Bars updates automatically, so you can be assured that it will always reflect your app’s current status.

Additional Features:

  • Manage multiple applications and accounts
  • Quickly open your New Relic Dashboard from the menu bar
  • 1-step setup: simply enter your New Relic API Key

Find it in the Mac App Store or at App Shopper.


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