Cool! JoyentCloud is giving away free New Relic RPM Bronze!

JoyentCloud_New RelicWhat do you get when you combine a leading cloud hosting provider and a leading on-demand application management tool? Well, if the former happens to be JoyentCloud and the latter happens to be New Relic, you get free RPM Bronze! Today JoyentCloud announced that they are offering New Relic Bronze as a free service for organizations developing and deploying services across multiple languages on JoyentCloud SmartMachines.

JoyentCloud’s hosting platform provides high performance infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service solutions for gaming, entertainment and media, e-commerce and mobile applications. With RPM Bronze now available as a free service, application teams in these industries teams can proactively monitor and troubleshoot these critical PHP, Ruby, Java or .NET apps in a single console.

Steve Tuck, general manager of the JoyentCloud business at Joyent said today “Providing our customers with greater visibility and control of their web applications is fundamental to successful and scalable growth. In just the gaming vertical alone, JoyentCloud serves more than 30 million users across thousands of online games. Our deep understanding of scalable architectures, coupled with application optimization tools like New Relic RPM, are why games on Joyent can quickly ramp to millions of monthly-active-users with no costly downtime.”

JoyentCloud customers, get started today!

JoyentCloud customers can take advantage of New Relic RPM Bronze right away by visiting to select free RPM Bronze or a paid RPM subscription at preferential prices. After the two-minute signup and implementation process, customers have immediate access to a rich set of performance data for their production web applications.'

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