Control application sprawl with our new Enterprise APM program

Cloud computing, the consumerization of IT, and the rise of the do-it yourself developer all make creating and deploying apps easier. InfoWorld calls this the biggest shift in IT since the start of the PC-era in the early 1980s. And the speed of this change is only accelerating. But one unintended side effect of today’s incredibly fast-paced development cycles is that app monitoring and management tools often times can’t keep pace, resulting in the deployment of apps with limited visibility. This introduces risk into projects and amplifies the effort required to ensure ongoing performance and availability of web applications.

Jonah Kowall, Research Director at Gartner, Inc. said today “With changes in both the way applications are developed and deployed there is an ever increasing complexity, but also unprecedented agility. Enterprises need to deploy tools which are easily implemented, maintained, and provide business value. The cloud is driving many of these new approaches to IT management, which provide visibility while still being adaptable to keep pace with the rapid pace of change.”

Today we released a white paper describing five best practices companies can implement to take advantage of the benefits of rapid app development and deployment while regaining control over app performance. Organizations that successfully implement these processes can improve online service delivery, respond faster to changing market conditions, and increase employee morale and productivity.

To help enterprises take advantage of these benefits, we have launched a new program that guides organizations through an evaluation of our APM tool. Highlights of the program include:

– A free trial of New Relic on 100 (or more) managed servers
– Support from a dedicated technical expert
– A detailed installation planning session
– In-depth technical training
– An end-of-trial performance review

If your organization is interested in taking advantage of the program, check out our Enterprise site.'

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