Andrew Hurwitz is one of the happiest and hardest working people you will ever meet. He has worked as our San Francisco office assistant for over a year now, assisting in the café, restocking supplies, delivering packages, and tidying up around our SF headquarters.

Andrew Hurwitz

Andrew Hurwitz

We found Andrew through his agency, The Arc San Francisco, which serves adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and helps them to live full and integrated lives in the community. Paid employment is one of the cornerstones of independence, and we are happy having Andrew on board at New Relic as a highly valued member of the team.

Workplace Manager Julie King sums up Andrew’s personality and approach well: “Andrew is a morning person all day long.”

Read on for our Q&A with Andrew to hear about his life at New Relic.

New Relic: Where did you grow up?

Andrew Hurwitz: I grew up in San Francisco, California. I’m a San Francisco native, and I live in the Richmond district now. I have seen people from New Relic in the neighborhood. I love the city and the weather.

New Relic: What do you do here at New Relic?

Andrew: Here at New Relic, I do office services. I unload and reload the dishwashers. I clean certain parts of the kitchen. I reload and stock supplies and the shower towels, and make sure the office stays in shape.

New Relic: You do a great job, Andrew.

Andrew: Thank you!

New Relic: How did you connect with New Relic?

Andrew: It was through an agency that my job coach is a part of. It’s called The Arc.

New Relic: When you found out you got the job, how did you feel?

Andrew: I was speechless when I got the call that I got the job after my interview. I was so happy. My favorite part is definitely the environment. Everybody is definitely friendly and very nice.

Andrew Hurwitz 2New Relic: I noticed that you know everyone here. And you always have a smile for everyone.

Andrew: Yes, that is correct. I know most people’s names. Yes, it’s my personality. I’ve always been very happy.

New Relic: Any surprises since you joined New Relic?

Andrew: I got a big birthday surprise in February. I got all kinds of gifts and a big cake. The whole office came and sang me happy birthday.

New Relic: What do you like to do after work or on the weekends?

Andrew: After work, I like to go to Ocean Beach and bask in the sun. And on the weekends I like to explore the city. My favorite place is Fort Mason, out by the Golden Gate Bridge. And the Ferry Building and The Embarcadero are my newest hangout spots. I like to explore new places and share upcoming SF events with the team.

And my favorite activity at New Relic is our monthly “Data Drinks” happy hour. I love getting together with the team after hours and having fun.

New Relic: Andrew, have you thought about what you’d like to be doing in five years?

Andrew: Being here. I love it. Julie always mentions new opportunities and assignments and that keeps things exciting for me. I like getting together with my team for our team meetings.

New Relic: That’s great! So your role can keep growing?

Andrew: Right, and I can learn new tasks. Like setting up tables, prepping for events, and getting more hours. It’s still being arranged. That makes me feel good that this job gives me a chance to grow.

New Relic: How does your Arc job coach help you?

Andrew: My job coach mainly does a check-in, sees how everything is going, and makes sure I have a handle on my tasks. I give her a progress report so she can see how things are going. She helps me solve any problems I might need help with. She told me it sounds like I don’t need that much supervision anymore.

It has gotten more relaxed over time. I have made a lot of improvements since I started and things are very smooth now.

New Relic: Anything else you’d like to share with me, Andrew?

andrew sumo suit

Andrew enters the “sumo ring” at the company picnic.

Andrew: It makes me feel good that everyone makes me feel welcome. I love it here because everyone always seems to be in a great mood.

New Relic: That’s awesome! High-five to that! We are so happy to have you on the team, Andrew.

Andrew: Thank you, Megan, that was an awesome interview. It’s a really nice office where you really feel welcome.


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