Community News: Improving JavaScript performance, introducing @devops_borat, and more

This week we find out how to improve JavaScript performance, learn what DevOps and Borat have in common, and sit in on a post-mortem of an unexpected site outage.

@analyticsseo shows us how they used New Relic to identify the cause of their site’s recent outage.

– Steve Souders talks about improving JavaScript performance.

– Darren Jones tells us why you should consider using both Rails and Sinatra for Ruby development.

– Ben Curtis describes how he deployed New Relic’s Server Monitoring feature with Chef.

– Robert Booth of Zenoss tells what DevOps and Borat have in common.

– InfoWorld digs deeper into the open source versus commercial app server debate.

– Romiko Derbynew discusses Neo4j application performance profiling with New Relic.

– Pantheon gives their perspective on our recent partnership

– Randall Degges gives his reflections on Waza, Heroku’s developer event.

– Application Development Trends eulogizes the single-language developer.'

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