Cloudscaling Partners with New Relic to Optimize Hybrid Cloud Performance

cloudscaling_logoFutureStack is in full swing! We made some exciting announced yesterday, and today we’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Cloudscaling, the leader in elastic cloud infrastructure. Through our partnership, all Cloudscaling customers receive New Relic Standard free of charge. Together we’re providing real-time application performance monitoring to optimize hybrid cloud environments.

Cloudscaling is the leader in elastic cloud infrastructure. The company’s core product, Open Cloud System (OCS), is the most advanced OpenStack-powered cloud infrastructure software available. OCS is designed to meet the requirements of next-generation dynamic applications, delivering the agility, performance, and economic benefits of leading cloud providers, but deployable in the customer’s data center and under the IT team’s control.

We’re seeing the emergence of the hybrid cloud trend, where enterprises and web application providers seek to leverage the agility and massive scale of public elastic clouds like AWS, while retaining the control of private cloud. That’s why this partnership with Cloudscaling makes perfect sense. New Relic gives Cloudscaling customers a single view of their application performance in hybrid cloud environments so they can monitor critical application performance metrics and deliver a consistent end-user experience.

“The partnership with New Relic is a powerful example of how the ecosystem surrounding Open Cloud System is expanding,” said Adam Waters, COO and co-founder of Cloudscaling. “Customers want a community of tools and resources to deploy Open Cloud System in an ever-expanding set of production scenarios, and application monitoring is an essential piece of the puzzle. New Relic not only delivers that for our customers, they make it easy.”

Cloudscaling customers can get started with New Relic today by signing up here.'

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