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The Windows Azure Cloud Cover Show on Channel9 is your eye on the Microsoft Cloud. In this weekly show they cover Windows Azure, demonstrate features, discuss the latest news and announcements, and share tips and tricks. We were recently lucky enough to be invited to be a guest on the show. Of course we jumped at the opportunity. So our very own Nick Floyd made the short trip up to Redmond to join Nick Harris and James Baker to talk about Application Performance Management and what it provides to the everyday developer. Check it out below!

During this episode, Nick walks through:

  • Signing up for a free New Relic account through the Windows Azure Store
  • Connecting your subscription to a new web site in Windows Azure
  • Adding the New Relic NuGet package to a web site in Visual Studio
  • Navigating to New Relic from the Windows Azure Management Portal
  • Viewing your different performance metrics for the web site
  • Viewing your performance metrics on a site and it’s connected SQL Database

Getting Started with New Relic

If you’re having any issues signing up through the Azure Store you can also sign up directly by following these directions:

  1. Go to to sign up for your free account
  2. Click on your account name in the upper right corner, choose “account settings” and copy your license key
  3. Then in the Azure Management Portal, go to WebSite >> Configuration >> Developer Analytics, choose “custom” | New Relic and then paste your license key in the provider key field and hit “save”

We will continue to improve the user experience of using New Relic through the Azure Management Portal with the Azure engineering team. But should you have any issues feel free to shoot us a note to our Partner Response Center at We’ll make sure you get all the support you need to get up and running with New Relic!'

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