Check Out the Railsware Plugins for the New Relic Platform

Railsware logoThis is a guest post from our partner Railsware, a premium software development consulting company, focused on delivering great web and mobile applications.

It’s no secret that New Relic has become an industry standard for monitoring the performance of Ruby on Rails apps. As a contributing member of the Rails community, Railware knows this from experience. Not only do we use New Relic to monitor our own apps, we’re also a New Relic partner. So when we heard that New Relic was opening their Platform, we decided to participate by creating our own plugins.

The Railsware Extensions
We’ve created a few simple plugins for the New Relic Platform that you may find valuable. Check them out for yourself.

HAProxy — Monitors HAProxy, a TCP/HTTP load balancer. It reports the following data for the specified proxy:

* Error Rate (per minute)
* Proxy Status
* Request Rate (per minute)
* Active Servers
* Sessions Active
* Sessions Queued

Resque — Monitors Resque, a library for processing background jobs. It reports the numbers of the following data for a specified instance:

* Working Workers
* Pending Jobs
* Total Failed Jobs
* Queues
* Workers
* Processed Jobs

Processor Statistics (mpstat) — Reports the following MP statistics:

* user
* nice
* sys
* iowait
* irq
* soft
* steal
* idle
* intros

Logwatcher — Monitors a given log file and reports the rate of occurrences of a provided term, and it’s a perfect plugin for error tracking

Going the Distance
At Railsware, we’ve been using New Relic for a while now. And in our opinion, the New Relic Platform is a huge step forward in making it an end-to-end monitoring solution.

New Relic users are a community of diligent experts keen to know everything about their apps. We think of the New Relic Platform as BDD for your monitoring — aimed at covering all aspects of your apps and making that information accessible within a single consistent interface. We’ve already created our first set of plugins which makes it easy for developers to monitor things like log files, Resque, MP stats, and HAProxy right from day one. We’re excited to continue building more plugins to make developer’s lives even easier.

— Yaroslav Lazor, CEO of Railsware

We look forward to working with the New Relic team to make the New Relic Platform even better.

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