Changes in the Application Development Landscape Drive Innovation – New Relic is Here to Help

I stumbled upon a great presentation the other day by David Skok of Matrix Partners. (I’ve embedded the presentation below, so do take a look.) David did a great job summarizing the key changes that are drifting through the application development landscape such as the cloud, mobile, agile development, DevOps, and big data. While most of these developments aren’t brand new (i.e. they weren’t born in 2011), I believe they are starting to reach a state of maturity that will increase adoption and spawn innovation.

Here are a couple of thoughts I had after viewing David’s presentation:

1) Volume: WOW! There are a ton of disruptive changes happening right now in the application development world. When I see this much going on, I know developers heads are churning with cool ideas. I expect 2012 to be an exciting year of new apps, new companies, and new business models.

2) Intersection: While each of the trends outlined in David’s presentation are powerful on their own, I believe that the developers who find clever (and useful) ways to combine these technologies will build the disruptive applications – and business models – of 2012. They will discover the true value of these changes is through their intersection: driving down costs and improving the time to value for their customers.

3) Processes: It’s not just the technology that’s evolving. The increasing adoption of agile development, continuous deployment, and DevOps has completely altered the way applications (and changes to those applications) get in front of people (aka users). Applications are literally being improved daily – or hourly in some cases – making them more valuable to their users.

All of this is exciting and bodes well for an innovative 2012. At New Relic we know this constant state of flux can be overwhelming and poses new challenges. Just remember that New Relic can play a big part in helping you manage this change. We look forward to being in your corner each step of the way!

Which of the changes in David’s presentation do you think will impact you and your business the most? Which new technologies or processes will you be adopting in 2012? Leave a comment and let us know.

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