FutureStack: New York ended with a Dash-bang!

Our unique Celebrity Dashboards event proved that even closing keynotes can be informative, inspirational, and fun!

What is Celebrity Dashboards? The concept is very simple. New Relic customers take the stage to show off their dashboards and explain how they use them. The dashboards are so great, their creators should be celebrities—on Broadway or in Hollywood.

At FutureStack: New York in Times Square, American Eagle Outfitters, Gannett, and Cambia Health Solutions provided amazing examples of how to use monitoring technology to drive business success. Plus, there was music, adult beverages, and even a little dancing!

You can see the whole thing for yourself in this video below, or read on to learn more about each company’s dashboard:


American Eagle Outfitters: The importance of now

aeo celebrity dashboard

Matthew Kundrat, production support manager for digital technology at American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), showed off a dashboard that displays analytics for AE.com, including:

  • Active sessions
  • Place-order clicks
  • Response-time averages

According to Matthew, AEO used to view reports that gave data on business stats once an hour, but “we learned the importance of now” for decision making. His team has the dashboard displayed on a 65-inch screen—on wheels! When engineers deliver code that causes problems, Kundrat is not above trundling the dashboard right to the group involved to point out the issue.

See the American Eagle Outfitters Celebrity Dashboard here. And read our AEO case study: American Eagle Outfitters Ensures a Seamless, Omni-Channel Shopping Experience for Customers.


Gannett: A one-stop shop 

gannett celebrity dashboard

Gannett Developer Bridget Lane calls the media giant’s dashboard “a one-stop shop for data” on the infrastructure, systems, and applications supporting 142 local news sites. Combined, the sites average 2.2 million page views a day, so the dashboard doesn’t cover each site, but rather container metrics. Gannet’s infrastructure runs on containers and is orchestrated by Kubernetes. However, the team doesn’t want just binary “is Kubernetes up or down?” information, but rather the details—and alerts—about Kubernetes workers, masters, and more:

  • Worker CPU, memory, and disk utilization
  • Master CPU, memory, and disk utilization
  • Etcd, Heapster, and dnsmasq

To provide an application view, the dashboard also includes:

  • CPU by app container
  • Container count on Kubernetes workers
  • Containers by host
  • Container restarts
  • Load times (pulled from New Relic Synthetics)

See the Gannett Celebrity Dashboard here.


Cambia Health: Dashboard interaction FTW

cambia health celebrity dashboard

Jayson Conry, lead monitoring engineer for Cambia Health Solutions, showed a dashboard created to track the more than 20 business units of the Portland, Ore.-based health solutions company. Interestingly, to increase user engagement with the data, the top of the dashboard requires the user to pick a Country, State/Region, and City.

The dashboard provides information on:

  • Busiest hour of the day
  • Busiest day of the week
  • Most popular pages
  • What OSes are used
  • How many users per browser
  • What app is busiest
  • What mobile carriers are being used

Another engagement trick employed in the dashboard is a “broken widget.” The intentionally empty graph is designed to reveal whether anyone was actually looking at the data Conroy’s team was providing. When he got calls from business leaders asking why the graph was blank, he knew his dashboards were being used.

Jayson considers the dashboard a data app, scoped for day, month, quarter, and year. “There is no point in time when the business units don’t know how Cambia Health is doing from a business perspective,” he concluded proudly.

See the Cambia Healthcare Celebrity Dashboard here.

Ready for your close-up?

New Relic is always looking for examples of the cool things customers do with our software. If your organization has built a New Relic dashboard that you’re proud of, let us know and maybe you’ll get the chance to participate in an upcoming Celebrity Dashboards presentation.


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